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When husband isn't bought in...

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Kruddock I agree that leading by example is good, but since he's fit and Weights 130lb, he sees no need to buy into the changing lifestyle bit.

At the moment I feel my energy is besT spent on other things. He really doesn't have the motivation.

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I know it seems counter-intuitive, but a non-compliant person in the house is actually good for your will power, as you learn to use it and you learn what things are triggers for you and why. We often call it will power, but it's more about knowing ourselves and not putting ourselves in situations where we are likely to make bad choices (for me, that situation is when I'm really hungry and have nothing compliant to eat - so I have two mitigations, don't let myself get that hungry and always have something compliant to eat available).


We will always be exposed to non-compliant and unhealthy foods, there will always be opportunities to treat ourselves badly.


Always keep your eye on the goal, Whole30 is for yourself. It's great if they come along, but don't let them hold you back if they're not.


Doing well on your own does set an example, but we can't control (nor should we want to) the behavior of others.

Our success doesn't depend on their compliance and trying to force compliance on someone else can bring a really destructive force into relationships.


Some people can eat a lot of junk without any visible negative signs, others can't. I know I can't and I just want to be a better me and for my partner to support me in reaching my goals. But I don't need his goals to be the same as mine. Really his goals are much simpler, he wants yummy food, he's okay if it's healthier as long as it's yummy but he doesn't like feeling deprived. He really doesn't need Whole30, but I can tell you he eats far healthier now than before I did my first Whole30 and all of those changes have been from him, on his own decisions.

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I'm so fortunate that Mel is with me on this for once.  Usually he isn't when I'm dieting.  He even blamed his heart attack on my Atkins diet.  But he is very conscous of his health now, exercising every day and eating much better.  He loves my compliant salads and even grilled steak for us this weekend.  He's the one who checked and found the non-compliant spaghetti sauce in the trash this morning that did a number on me last night.  He loves his ice cream at night and lucky for me I'm not tempted.  I really think this is going to work for us.  He did say a few days ago he has lost some weight in his tummy which is good for him.

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