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Can I have corn fed chicken?


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Random question I know, and I may be over thinking this aspect.


Obviously chicken is allowed, but corn and corn products are not.


Obviously if a chicken has been solely corn fed, some of which will be retained in the tissues of the animal, is this type of meat allowed? 


I realise that generally apart from grass fed meat, all meat is grain fed to a certain extent, but obviously it is more of a mixture of grains as opposed to solely corn, so the remaining amount in the tissue would theoretically be less in a mixed grain fed animal, than in a solely corn fed animal. 


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Yes, you can have chicken that's been fed corn.


In an ideal world, where we all had access to it and unlimited budgets, we'd all eat pasture-raised chickens, but until that happens, do the best you can. You might want to take a look a the Rules vs. Recommendations post for more on what's required versus what's encouraged.

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