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Reintroducing dairy, known lactose intolerance


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Tomorrow I am scheduled to reintroduce dairy.  I have been lactose intolerant for 24 years.

Do I take the lactase enzyme with the dairy to test how I am with the dairy protein or do  I skip this step since I am already aware of the effects of dairy in general?  Is it a whole new ballgame post Whole30?


I have found that if I am eating lots of raw veggies and fruits I do not need to take the lactase and can digest the dairy with no ill effects.  I used to drink smoothies every morning pre-whole30 for that purpose.  It probably was too much sugar as the book suggests.  I may experiment with kale-carrot smoothies going forward because the raw aspect seems to work very well with me, increasing my energy greatly.  I never did hit the Tiger blood in my whole30.


Thanks for your assistance and encouragement.

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You don't need to eat any lactose for Reintroduction if you already know it doesn't agree with you, as that's the whole purpose of Reintroductions.


If you want to try any lactose-free dairy options, you could do those as Reintroductions (if you know these make you sick too, you may have issues with proteins or hormones).


If there's any food you know you won't be eating post-Whole30 (like lactose), there's no reason to reintroduce it.


The purpose is to help you identify foods that may have an unexpected impact for you (gluten was a big surprise for me!) and also to help you identify how much they impact you. Is it a small stomach ache or up all night on a toilet feeling miserable? Knowing these details for ourselves and our individual bodies really helps us find balance, feeling good while not being overly restrictive (more than needed, to feel good and healthy).


Dairy has three main components and some people react to all three: lactose, protein, hormones.

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