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Day 15 - Literally can not make myself eat

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I know I have to eat.  I fully get the rationale and I want to eat!  Today is the second time this has happened to me.  I ate breakfast (2 eggs, sweet potato hash with onions and butternut squash and one link of sausage).  About 20 minutes later, I literally felt like a giant balloon was being inflated in my abdomen.  It came on very quick and hard.  Honestly, I could not even concentrate or do anything besides focus on breathing and relaxing as it was so uncomfortbale, almost painful.  Alarming, actually.


Last week on about day 7-8 I had the same thing happen after eating salmon, asparagus and some roasted cauliflower and broccoli with Sunshine Sauce.  Knocked my socks off.  I attributed it to the broc/cauliflower and have avoided it ever since. 


So back today.  I made it through the more urgent, painful period, but when in came time for lunch, there was NO WAY.  I mean the thought of any food was hard to bare.  I had a tennis match at 2:00 and knew I needed fuel, but I could not make myself...I tried.  Ended up bringing a Rx Bar on the court.  Of course, I totally had zero fuel in the match, was foggy, tired, basically pathetic, but I still could not manage to get more then a tiny piece of that bar in my system.


After the match I knew I had to eat.  Came home and forced down a small ammount of chicken salad (maybe 3/4 c. total) which I figured was a decent choice as it at least had protein, some apple, homemade mayo and some slivered almonds), but getting anything else down is not happening.  I am having a hard time contemplating dinner....I feel so full.


I have heard some people mention digestive enzymes.  Good idea to try?  In general I have felt much better since starting.  This morning (prior to breakfast I felt GREAT!), but have felt bloated and "burpy" at times.  I have tried to find a common bond, but no luck.


Thanks for any suggestions!


p.s.  Water intake not a problem.  I am really good about that.  At least half my body weight.  And just in case it matters, I did have coffee this morning also, but not that night at dinner when I had a similar problem.

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Have you looked into FODMAPS? In both of those meals, you have some vegetables that are high FODMAP, and one of the symptoms of FODMAP sensitivity is bloating and other digestive issues, so it might be worth paying attention to. Their effects are also cumulative, so you could be okay with little bits of them at individual meals, but if you have them often, you could just hit a point where your body says, enough! and then you start seeing symptoms.

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