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RedG's October Log


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October 1 -

Measured, Weighed

Drank lots of water...

M1 - Scrambled Eggs, Asparagus, Bacon

Coffee w/ Coconut Oil

M2 - Chili from ISWF and veggies (cucumber, celery), fruit & nuts, applesauce

M3 - Chicken with stir-fry veggies, steamed broccoli, cauliflower


Sadly - I am still hungry! I will try to add in more food especially good fats. Must buy avocados tomorrow.

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October 2 -

So tired today! I had hoped that would not come until day 5 or so...also still hungry so far...I will need to add more fat.

M1 - Scrambled Eggs again with Mushrooms, Stir fry

M2 - Chili from ISWF and veggies (cucumber, carrots), fruit & nuts, mango

Tea - Green Tea

M3 - Chicken and Green Beans

I resisted cupcakes and cookies at the office today - it was very hard. But because I did, it was easier to resist my kids' chocolate after dinner.

I really need to add more fat into my diet. I think I'll start adding Almond Butter to breakfast and lunch and see if that helps.

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October 3 -

Really thinking this may be a better idea in November! I recounted all the events I will be attending in October, and I am up to 17 lunches or dinners that will be tempting me...this is not even counting all the cookies, cake and more that seems to be offered to me at every turn. November on the other hand has only thanksgiving - and I already have some great Whole30 recipies that look like they would work. I read somewhere about not doing Whole30 over the Holidays, and I think I just realized that October is my holiday month. I have more conferences and special events this month than any other month in the year, especially November and December. Oy Vey! But I have not slipped up yet. So, who knows?

M1 - nothing!

I left my pre-packed breakfast on the counter, and my coffee with coconut oil spilled in my car. (I don't know if this is the sleep day 3 or the very mad day 5-6 - but it was not a good start).

Snack - Dried fruit and cashews - I had prepacked some and stored them at my office, so when I arrived, about 2 hours after waking up, I devoured that!

M2 - Stir fried vegetalbes (from Sunday), olives, salad, sausage, grilled onions and peppers, beets

M3 - Meatballs with Butternut squash pureed with toasted pecans, butter, cinnamon, and all spice

I withstood the open bar after work (very very very hard) and the pizzas, even my kids Mac N'Cheese. My kids then joined me for the meatballs and squash becuase it looked tastey to them, and they said they really did not like the MacNcheese anyways - guess what else we'll be donating to the food pantry!

I had texted my DH that I was quitting yesterday, I was really ranting to anyone who would listen, so he brought home a great wine for dinner. Which I did not drink! That was hard! But I am so glad I resisted.

On a sad note, my son and DH ate an Aussie Muffin after dinner (to top it off with something sweete) and both got really sick last night! My daughter, who is also trying to limit her sugar and wheat, with me, had said No Thanks - and so we were just fine. I'm glad I did not indulge.

(Green = written October 4)

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hey RedG! I've found there's never a "good time" to do this, there are always special events etc. it does flex your accountability muscle, that's for sure, but like you said in an earlier post,

I resisted cupcakes and cookies at the office today - it was very hard. But because I did, it was easier to resist my kids' chocolate after dinner.
remember ==> you aren't depriving yourself of ANYTHING, rather you are taking care of yourself and filling yourself with nurturing yummy good for ya food ... (yeah, guess I needed to hear that myself! lol) keep up the good work, Maggie
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Thanks Maggie for the encouraging words!

Well I stuck with it!!! HOOORAY!

I think some bad stress at work had triggered a craving (and funny thing today's email on Day 4 listed very relevant info) I guess by writing this out it distracted me enough and shamed me enough to keep going. I've updated my post from yesterday with how it all turned out - pretty good. :-)

Oct 4 -

M1 - Scrambled Eggs wtih Red and Green Peppers

(My kids eyed my plate enviously and told me I should make that for Thanksgiving breakfast because it was filled with fall colors and looked so good! Next time I'll add some type of sausage or bacon and it will be complete.)

M2 - Avacado Bacon Turkey Salad (from Kneeders, but no dressing) and another Avacodo

M3 - Banana, chicken wings, celery and carrots - no dressing or dips - Once again passed on alcohol in favor of carbonated water with limes...this might soon be a habit! I'm really digging the lime water.

Almost had a total melt down at work today - thanks to all who cheered me up and offered suggestions. It was silly in hindsight but it meant so much to me at the time. I hope I never feel like that again!!!

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Oct 5 -

M1 - Sweet Potato, Cantalop, Sausage, Coffee with coconut oil

Feeling pretty good today. I can almost laugh about my break down yesterday... almost...I'm just worried it may happen again!

Kids really liked the breakfast today. Especially the sweet potatoes. I put them in the oven last night, and this morning they were soft and sweet, no need for any condiments at all!

M2 - Leafy greens and pulled chicken and pork, water

Snack - Almond butter with an apple

M3 - Bison Taco Meat (I sauteed onion, red and yellow peppers with the ground meet and some taco seasonings) on top of a bed of organic Kale and an entire Avocado

Going to bed early!

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Oct 6 -

M1 - Sweet Potato, Caramelized onions, 2 Eggs

M2 - Apple & Almond Butter, Kale Salad and Taco Meat

M3 - Stove Top Carnitas - Cucumber Salad - Squash and Apple Bake

Oct 7 -

M1 - Scrambled Eggs, Coconut Fried Onions & Peppers, Bacon, Cantaloup, Italian thin sliced meats

M2 - Apple w/ Nut butter, Butternut Squash casserole, Pear

M3 - Salad with Beef & Turkey Pepper Chili, small amount of Butternut Squash casserole

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Oct 8 -

M1 - 1/2 Sweet Potato, Fried Onions & Peppers, last of the carnitas

M2 - Chili, carrots, squash cassarole, cucumbers, avacados, lettuce, pear

M3 - Chilli, brocoli salad with homemade mayo for dressing

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OCT 9 -

M1 - Coffee with Coconut Oil, Dried Beef and Pork, Cantelop

M2 - The insides of a taco, sweet potato, salad, cashews & dried apricots, chili

M3 - Ceasar salad with chicken

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Sadly last night I had such a bad stomache ache that I knew I had not escaped the tacos from lunch after all... I purposefully picked it apart and ate only what I thought was WHOLE30 compliant - but - due to the bad tummy ache I think that I must have got some dairy or sugar in there.

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Oct 11 - Day 2

M1 - Sweet Potato & 2 Eggs

M2 - Avocado, Pear, 2 Ribs, sunflower butter with carrots, broccoli

M3 - Kale salad with caesar dressing and turkey sausage

Had an event at my kids school tonight - It was supposed to have salad and chicken - but they were both drenched in sauce and cheese (and noodles) so I ate a few bites of chicken and waited to get home to eat dinner. It was late, but at least I don't have to start over again!

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"Starting over" really took the wind out of my sails...and then seeing that I was experiencing all the symptoms on the time line as if I had not was discouraging too....so I got myself a little confused.

I have however, stuck with the Whole 30 zealously! So no more slip ups - and I am experiences great energy when I wake up. I get really sleepy when I eat late or skip a meal. I can feel my body getting full quicker now and food no longer makes my mouth water. Hunger does!

My friends, family and even work have been super supportive and I've managed to pass on so many things I used to just eat automatically. I am counting myself on day 18 and am happy about it. This has been a great experience and I'm planning it out to make sure it lasts. :-)

So - no more food log for me, unless I start having trouble sticking to it.

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