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The Do-Over - Whole30 Take 2


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D A Y  1 3 - Unlucky for some!


Well, it's day 13 on my first W30 round and I broke my W30 by drinking a mouthful of orange juice that had sugar in it (bought the one with added sugar instead of the sugar free). Juice? Why? Oral Allergy Syndrome... long technical story short, can't eat it if it is raw, half cooked and definitely can't if it is a banana, carrot, avacado and so on...


I told someone in the lunch room that I broke it :( I am actually really disappointed, I had been doing so well, learning so much and totally looking forward.. I mean, I could have just kept going and not said anything but then...I would know what I did because I had made a real commitment to myself. The technicality of slipping up once...but the rules are pretty clear, slip ups count and I dont think my conscience would let me go on counting each day as though day 13 never happened.


But, it's not like the end of the world. I'm disappointed sure, but not all depressed about it. It just means I need to be a bit more vigilant with reading labels and also to remember that this IS my first rodeo, I am still figuring it all out because I am learning new things like 'how do I improve the taste of this sauce without using sugar?' or 'what do these herbs do?'. Already I have learnt a lot, have read (almost!) all of the labels, started buying meat that doesn't have added hormones and learning more about what is actually in the food I stick in my body and what it does.


For the first time in....ever, I feel like I can actually last through to the next meal. If I feel like I can't, or I have a particularly active day, I know that if I start getting hungry, that my last meal could have had a bit more in it to get me through and it then means I can adjust it. If I make TOO much food, awesome, my next meal is half made already, uh.... winning!


The other thing is, though my goal is to BE WELL, and I broke my first W30... I just need to try again tomorrow. I can keep going today as per W30, but start the count again tomorrow. It doesn't mean I binge today (because an Apple Turnover with Fresh Cream would really kill it right now and I've broken it anyway so let's do this!) it means I keep going with today and see the day out how I had started - doing my W30 thang - and I start the count again tomorrow taking today's lesson with me and see this thing through because really... I would only be cheating myself and if I wouldn't let a stranger cheat me out of my hard work, why would I let myself, right?


So here is to take two in my the W30 rodeo! Now I know what not to do and what adjustments I need to make.


Yeeee Haaaaa!!


PS: at least I wont have to go through the Day 2 I had at the start of this one.... oh man.... i shouldn't have eaten all the things before I started W30.

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Sounds like you are all set for Take 2! With a slip like that, you are unlikely to have any real hiccups from. You are already getting sugar from fruits, so the ADDED sugar is just a bit much (and obviously breaking the rules). So you'll still have all the benefits of the 13 days pre-slip up. I'm glad you didn't have the apple turnover! Your probably would  have regretted it (physically) shortly after...


Stay strong and read those labels!

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Oral Allergy Syndrome sister here!  I can't eat a load of raw fruits or vegetables - avocados and melons are the worst.  When I did a Whole30 in the past and kept it up for a number of months, I found I could eat more and more things and now I can eat apples, carrots, and slices of bell pepper.  So, you can drink orange juice?  I can't.  Well, a little bit of it, but not more than a half cup.  


So very much a bummer to have to be starting again, but you're right that the process will be smoother.  I went into this current Whole30 after some serious junk food processed crap binging.  Not the best way to do things! :)  But every day I eat well is one more healthy day in my pocket, I tell myself.


Hope tomorrow starts off great!

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