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Nicole and Geoff's 1st Whole30


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Ok, we're halfway into Day 3, and all is relatively well. 


Day 1, OMG, so hard to change thought patterns to eat what's on-plan. 

Day 2, Better, but very low energy. 

Day 3, I'm halfway through. I stepped out to take a walk, felt super tired, it's hot, so, I turned right back around and drank some water, and started this thread instead. I'm going to be very patient with myself in terms of my energy to do anything exercise related while we're in the first couple of weeks of this change. 


We're going to try to do a picnic this evening, feed ducks, etc. I've got leftover seasoned ground beef with onions from last night, spinach and berries, balsamic & EVOO, sunflower seeds, and I guess I could boil some eggs to round it out. We also have carrots and cucumbers for crunching. My husband will want a banana. 


Our son is 17 months old, and drinks whole milk, eats cheese, eats cheerios, etc. So, it's a bit tough in that I'll be preparing and handling some of the foods I'm not eating. I won't make him things that are really hard for me to avoid; pasta, cheese sauces, etc.  He likes eggs and sweet potatoes, so, that's something. 


I'm also doing some contract work part-time, which can be stressful, and entertaining the idea of going back to work full-time. I didn't mean for these events to overlap; they serendipitously just presented themselves as we were planning our Whole30 start. So--there is stress. Geoff is in grad school, finals are next week, etc. and he works his normal job. We are getting good sleep, the kiddo goes down around 8, and sleeps till 7:30, so, that's not an issue. 


I didn't do an official "before" weight--think that matters? I can already tell my stomach is less bloated than usual. I think I might need to be drinking more water, and being aware of trying to salt flavor into my food instead of seasoning it other ways? Back in the 2000's, I did South Beach for a time, and had the same issue; lots of meaty things tended to make me feel over-salted. Maybe it's the lack of sugar to balance that flavor that makes me feel like it's over the top? I have been adding a bit of 100% apple juice to things to get the flavors balanced some, and still use lemon juice for my acid.  


Ok, so, will check back in as things progress. 

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