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May 1: Starting my Whole30 and Veggie-garden on the same day:)


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Hi everybody:)  Accountability is going to be my friend this month, so I am going to write about preparation, recipes, failures, feelings, and strategies here.


To add to my feeling of making a bit of progress one day at a time, I am planting the seedlings I started waaay back in snowy February into my front yard garden on May 1st, and following their progress along with mine, which will end up following my mom's words to us when we ate dinner as little ones:


"Why where did this delicious food come from kids?"

"From our very own garden!"


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Prepping the office/ fridge/kitchen with a deep clean:  My recycling is very full this week.


I have traditionally thought of us as a clean eating family, but the amount of condiments with added sugar was a real eye opener.


I have started with coffee + homemade almond milk, and am going to try a slow start the next three days before my official May 1 start, so if I hit any speed bumps I can adjust for the real deal.


I am excited but also nervous about the performance losses that might come before "Tigerblood" hits.  My brain keeps bringing up all the things I need to be in a good mood for or have high energy, but I don't want to let these things stop me, there will always be things coming up like this and the whole point is to have better energy overall daily.

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Lot's of prep:  cleaning out the freezer, keeping up the sugarless coffee situation. The snacks-area in my pantry has become a bunch of dried fruit and nuts, and all the Peanut Butter has been removed from my obsessed gaze.


Yesterday I did my first whole30 meal-prep:  A huge batch of Sunshine sauce, so I fridged/froze three jars full and used one in the following:

Bulgolgi brisket (slow cooked in sesame oil, cayenne, ginger, coconut aminos, garlic and rice vinegar)  shredded and packed with butter lettuce leaves to wrap it up with a sunshine-sauce slathered slaw of cilantro, cabbage, and cucumbers.


Today will be Turkey Breakfast Sausage ready for a May 1 start, and loading good compost and dirt into my front raised beds to plant everything this weekend.

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Ok, meals have been filling and tasty:


Bulgolgi lettuce wraps. 

Grilled chicken and arugula salad or mustard coated asparagus and squash.

Plantains and guacamole.


I have been sleeping deeply, and it's hard to wake up in the am but the deep sleep is SO welcome anyway.

yesterday evening the hangover began with a serious headache, ouch.



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Glad to hear there's another gardener on here! I'm a beginner, with this summer being my first growing season. I just planted out some of my transplants this past weekend too, with more going out in the next couple of weekends. What yummy foods are you growing? I really look forward to hearing about your garden and Whole30 progress :)



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Hi Vancy31/ fellow gardener:)  I planted some started seedlings and a bunch of seeds:  tomatoes, various squash and zuchinni, peppers, a whole bunch of herbs, root veggies, peas, and greens galore:  kale, swiss chard, watercress, lettuce, mustard, arugula, spinach... it's all about that free salad:)


I get so excited making meals from the garden, its a great companion to keep me on program I think.


Yesterday and today are repeater meals:


grilled chicken and guacamole

strawberries and lime juice

squash and asparagus


I'm planning to salt-cure some salmon and make meatballs and zoodles tonight to get some new variety in.


I may be going through the homemade almond milk too fast...


The headache/backache continues but at a dull roar, I am staying really super hydrated:)


Some compliant jerkey and dehydrated apples slices have been snacked on:  mostly in the post work pre-dinner rush where I often have a meeting after work and  can't get a full meal in.  I feel more stable with this kind of mini meal than my normal sugar bomb at 4 pm... Even when the 30 is over I think this has to be a forever change.


So far I have resisted the sunbutter and larabar snack options as I feel like sugar/fat combos or peanut butter-esque foods are my kryptonite.

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Still eating my grilled chicken and veggie meals for the week, and yesterday was my first emergency lara bar with compliant jerkey meal, since I was at two different jobs with no real break in between.  This was the biggest test as there was free pizza yesterday right about when I was dying for dinner.


And free cheesecake at breakfast, and today baklava and cake.  Teacher appreciation week is legit a hard time to do whole30.


Anyway, dinner was zucchini noodles in bone broth and some turkey sausage patties I made earlier in the week.  Today I want to make meatballs with mushroom/squash noodles.  I think I am more mentally hungry for carbs than actually hungry in any way, if that makes sense.


Lots of rain hitting the garden, waiting to see the little seedlings pop up in the coming week.

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This will be the first time in years that I haven't planted a garden so I will have to live vicariously through you ladies. Normally we have corn, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, peppers, celery, squash and whatever else takes my fancy. Being recently retired, I'm expecting to do more traveling this year and don't want to plant stuff and have it wither because I wasn't here to tend it.


Good luck with w/30, I started on May 1st too.

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