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Again- Super upset!

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Having issues getting this to post, but here goes again..


Please allow me to introduce myself...I am THE most moronic, idiot ever to walk the earth!

I am on R1D24, no wait, I am on R1D1...

You see, I have been really good, enjoying this process so very much, feeling happy and confident...still the occassional energy slump, but great overall, and empowered i think is a good word to use...then, last night while on a whole30 page on fb, I saw a post about a girl finding dairy in her probiotic...I thought "Oh, I'm good  with mine" - I got mine at my locally owned health food store- the lady helped me pick one out- telling me the refrigerated ones are better- reading the label to me after I explained the whole30 rules...it was non GMO, no grain, no salt, no sugar yadda yadda yadda....so, last night after seeing that- I checked mine- it took me quite awhile of looking, and at first glance thought I was good- but there in teeny weeny letters "made with dairy and soy"...

I'm devastated...so upset, to the point I'm sick about it!! I need to know how much I have sabotaged my efforts all these days...how has this small amount of dairy and soy adversly affected me? I will say- I only took one pill each day instead of recommended three pills- so thats better anyway, but t doesn't make me feel any better....has this been all for nothing? I plan on continuing, but I am just defeated....

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...how has this small amount of dairy and soy adversly affected me? 


No one can say for sure, and therein lies the problem. Just keep going! And decide if you want to extend your W30 because of this oversight. It's entirely up to you.

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