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Traveling to Las Vegas, NV and Zion National Park, UT

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Hello everyone, I'll be starting my first vegetarianish Whole 30 in just a few days' time and am thinking about an upcoming trip I have planned with my best friend for 40 days or so from now. It will be smack in the middle of my reintroduction phase, but I'm worried about having few options or not being able to reintroduce successfully.


The trip will be three days in Las Vegas on the strip, followed by a drive to Utah to hike in and around Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon, followed by a drive back to Las Vegas for an overnight before heading back home to New York.


Does anyone have any experience with dining out in Las Vegas? I've never been there before and am nervous about staying true to my Whole 30 (without meat/poultry) dietary choices.


When I'm in Utah, I'll be staying in a house with a full kitchen, close in proximity to grocery stores (hooray for Airbnb rentals!) so I'm not so worried about that part of the trip as far as breakfasts and dinners. Though I can imagine that nuts, apples, cut up veggies, and if I can find salmon jerky that doesn't taste like barf, will be a big part of what I pack in my daypack for the hikes (hardboiled eggs will be out due to the heat/risk of spoiling).


It's just the airport and first few days in Last Vegas that I'm most concerned about.


Any help or tips are appreciated!

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Click on "Travel and Dinning Out"   scroll around and you'll find other similar questions and the answers… Its all the same standard answer..  

Actual places in Las Vegas, your on your own but how to handle the experience of eating out while whole 30'ing it is there...

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