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  1. CaGirl

    Mayo help!

    You're Welcome Tamararoy
  2. CaGirl

    Mayo help!

    you can be uber busy and still have time for making your own mayo, its that quick.
  3. CaGirl

    Mayo help!

    Immersion is the way to go.. No need for room temp egg.. I use a wide mouth mason jar.. Leave the immersion blender on the bottom for a little bit then slowly pull it up… You can watch it coming together.. Doesn't take long at all… Takes longer to wash the stick blender than it does to make the mayo
  4. CaGirl

    Failed Mayo 101

    Takes just a few minutes with a hand blender.. Takes far longer to clean the unit than to make the mayo
  5. CaGirl

    Failed Mayo 101

    People make it both ways I use a stick blender.. but others have success with a regular blender.. Good sized Masson jar One egg fresh out of the fridge or not.. either way works for me 1-1 1/2 tbls spoons apple cider vinegar Good dash of salt Good shaking of granulated garlic One cup of Light Olive Oil Add to jar in that order... Lower stick blender to the bottom and turn it on.. Slowly pull it up, while watching the ingredients turn into mayo, once at the top a few more ups and downs and vohlaa.. you have MAYO in its own container to boot!
  6. CaGirl

    Failed Mayo 101

    Room temp eggs and such aren't a requirement… I just grab right out of the fridge.. not saying thats the trick to thick mayo.. just saying You're holding the stick blender at the bottom of the jar right? and slowly bringing it up?
  7. CaGirl

    Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts

    New York steak and yellow crook neck squash mmmmmmmmmmmmm
  8. CaGirl

    Don't over think this.

    It replicates ice cream.. No laughing playing or having any ice cream type things for 30 days.
  9. CaGirl

    How to rescue Cauliflower Mash that's runny

    Speaking of Cauliflower,, how much of a whole head of steamed cauliflower do you eat ?? I love the stuff so its no biggy but its damn near 3/4 of a head.. for one person? How bout you? A family would be several heads and right now where I live organic cauliflower is 5.20 a head..
  10. Thank you it looks great.. I never really make recipe meals.. I'm more of a sear and eat girl.. Excited to try this
  11. CaGirl

    Don't over think this.

    you could have three if you choose to eat avocado as your fat with each meal..
  12. CaGirl

    Filipino Whole30 Eats

    Thank you.. This is going to be one tasty blog.