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  1. Excellent answer Onco Warrior
  2. Dust yourself off, hold your head up high and DIVE right in to eating the whole30 way! You'll feel much better and not get wrapped up into the all familiar cycle of tamping down your emotions with some hunk of bread and butter or cold pizza left out all night... Yeah it'll be hard but don't focus your energy that way.. Simple eating is what I do.. I'm not a recipe follower for everyday meals.. I cook my protein, veggie and slather on the fat.. Good Luck GIRL
  3. CaGirl

    Lemon juice: a warning and a question

    Seriously? You can't squeeze your own lemon?
  4. CaGirl

    Subway rotisserie chicken

    Pharmgrrl, you nailed it, I scratched my head as a kid why grapes didnt taste like the grape Jolly Rancher! ha THEY TASTED PURPLE!! You're RIght!
  5. CaGirl

    Asparagus / Cauliflower

    Yes Chris,, I'm well aware each persons answers will be different..
  6. CaGirl

    Asparagus / Cauliflower

    OK I hope others chime in !!!!!
  7. CaGirl

    Asparagus / Cauliflower

    getting nit picky here but how much of the cauliflower are you prepping to get the remainder of your dinner plate filled?
  8. CaGirl

    Asparagus / Cauliflower

    yeah, I always see "we" saying to shoot for the optimum 3 cups
  9. How much of the bunch of Asparagus do you consume for your veggie portion??? The whole bunch? 1/2 a bunch? 1/3? Maybe you serve Asparagus with other veggies so's not to go through so much? I've often wondered how entire families keep enough veggies in their fridge to get the optimum 9 cups a day per person. Another veggie I wonder about is Cauliflower.. I eat a half.. maybe a pinch less if its a huge head.. How do you eye ball your Cauliflower amount?
  10. CaGirl

    Vegetable Variety Help!

    haha All that advice and you dont even eat it.. ha.. yeah.. ok THANKS
  11. CaGirl

    Vegetable Variety Help!

    ok one more Asparagus question for you… When you're eating grilled, roasted,, how ever.. do you consume the whole bunch? 1/2 bunch? 1/3? Purley curious here.. I eat the entire bunch.. Maybe your asparagus is sold differently? Ours in California is sold in a rubber band bunch
  12. CaGirl

    Vegetable Variety Help!

    wouldn't enough asparagus wrapped in bacon be overkill on the amount of bacon?
  13. Katiebranson YOURE MY HERO today.. You go girl… SO refreshing to read something not sugar coated nor on robotic response.. i messed up last night and had a bowl of Raisin bran.. YES today is Day one.. AGAIN!!!!!! Love your writing girl… hope to see more!
  14. Get brave and make a batch of HOME MADE MAYO! Plop a good heaping dollop on your Broccoli… YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY My mayo is large egg, fresh out of the fridge or off the counter a little less than a tsp of kosher salt tsp + ground pepper Lots of Granulated Garlic 2 TBLS apple cider vinegar 1 cup LIGHT olive oil In that order/ into a large mason Jar let thing's settle for a sec then put your stick blender at the bottom and fire it up.. Leave it down at the bottom of the jar for a good while, slowly brining it up to the top….. Then up and down it a few times if it looks like it needs it.. GOOD LUCK ENJOY Have FUN