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new food (for me): dried anchovies!

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This sounded weird to eat at first, while in line at the local International store last week I was behind a woman buying these so I Googled them out of curiosity. So I read a few articles...


Nutrient Rich Snack

How To Use Dried Anchovies


...and decided to try them. YUMMMY!!  I laugh to see that first ingredient is salt. Yes it's dried silvery fish bodies with eyes, but  taste and texture is like a mildly fishy salty jerky. The dog loves them too. 


According to the nutrition info, you'd have to eat a LOT of them to really eat them as protein source and they are described as a "snack" in some places. But the options to make fish stocks, flavor a salad, maybe use as a umami in a sauce sound great. 


I used them this weekend in a tomato sauce for my zoodles, and I'm laughing to think of them as an "on the bike" or postWO food. LOL!!


Anyone else try these? SUPER CHEAP only $1.60 a bag and there's a lot in the bag. Find them in refrigerated section. 

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So one day I was out shopping with my dad and I bought two bags of dried anchovies from the natural petfood store for the kitty... we were taking transit that day and I was starving... one of the bags of fish never made it home cause I ate it... my dad was horrified!

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