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Pre-Prepared Black Beans?

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Hey all,


So...Yesterday was my Day 31 of my very first Whole30! I undertook it to relieve the worst pain and GI symptoms I have EVER had in my life (landed me in the ER in February) after the docs were giving me meds with no definitive diagnosis (after more tests than I want to admit).

Yesterday was the stereotypical "legume day". I am a broke student loan repayer and so of course I had CANNED black beans lying around (ingredients - black beans, water...no additives!). Made myself some black bean soup with Wholly Guacamole for breakfast (basically pureed them in my Nutribullet). 

OMG. WORST. REACTION. EVER. Basically recreated my pain. I'm on the "slow roll" re-intro...so my question is two-fold.


1) Is it worth trying out soaking my own dry black beans given I never had a reaction to them before W30 (I wasn't eating beans when the original pain appeared!)?

2) Should I do separate days for chickpeas, peanuts, etc?


Thanks from a grateful newbie!!! 

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I'd say a trial of soaked beans would be worth the effort, yes.

As for separating out all kinds of legumes? That's entirely up to you - I'd ceratinly suggest a separate day for soy & for peanuts as they are both highly allergenic.

As for never having had a reaction previous, it could be that your gut was already so inflamed from other foods that you just didn't realise how they were making you feel as your gut would have developed a protective mucosal layer...

I'm totally legume free for the same reason - too much pain, *so* not worth it.

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