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Rocky reintro - dairy or gluten giving me problems?

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I made it! I'll post my "success story" in the other forum, but I'm hoping someone can give me a idea of what's causing hives on my face post Whole 30. 


I meant to reintroduce dairy (only) first, then move on from there, because at this point I honestly can't imagine a life without a little cheese. So I had a little cream (organic, half&half) in my coffee this am, and then at lunch I had a gluten free mediterranean salad that had feta in it. However, the dressing it comes in has gluten in it and I forgot to order the gluten free dressing and gobbled it all up. So I accidentally reintroduced dairy and gluten.


A couple of hours later and I have itchy hives on both cheeks and my forehead. Not horrible, doesn't even really show up in the mirror... but definitely a reaction. 


I do plan on doing another Whole 30 starting on 17 May (with a proper reintro), but is there a way to tell what the hives are coming from until then? Should I just try to eat dairy/no gluten or other banned item the next few days and see if the hives get worse or better? Or do I just have to wait until the next W30 reintro? 


Either way, this has been such an eye opening experience and I can't wait for my next Whole 30!

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Unfortunately no, there's no way to tell what it was that bothered you... it's impossible to know because you put both things in your body at the same time.

The recommendation is to go back to Whole30 eating until the symptoms dissipate and you feel as good as you did on Day 30... That could be tomorrow and it could be a few days, it's hard to say...

Trying to continue a re-intro without a blank slate is a fools path and you won't have good results as to what affects you unfortunately.

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