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Needing Advice.

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Day 31 of my Whole 30 was this Thursday, 5th May.


I already have medically diagnosed allergies/intolerances to gluten, wheat, dairy, nuts, coconut and egg. I have been following a low histamine, low FODMAP, egg, and nightshade free diet due to other medical issues whilst undertaking the Whole 30.


I appear to have introduced white rice, in 1 meal, on Thursday, with no apparent issues.


I have reintroduced fresh, organic tomato today, not in a huge quantity, and again only in 1 meal.


I understand with my Whole 30 restrictions,  my reintroduction phase is going to be very lengthy, and cover many, many foods.


I am wondering if the reintroduction of seed oils, and sugars in various forms should be done in the same way, in that try something, then leave a few days, and then try something else?


Please don't get me wrong I am not planning on binging on sugar, I never have, plus I really don't have a sweet tooth, and I am not planning on drinking gallons of sunflower oil, I am just trying to switch things up a bit food wise, as the very restricted diet I have had for the last month was really starting to get frustrating.


I have tried to search the forum for specifics regarding my query, but nothing appeared to come up.




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Yep, I'd reintroduce them in the same way that you will any other foods - that way you'll be able to see any physical/emotional/physiological reactions - to the sugar especially....

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