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Help! I make Homemade Donuts everyweek!


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Hello all! 


I am starting the Whole 30, Monday May 16th for the first time. I eat generally well already BUT I do have issues when it comes to sugar. I have developed a bad habit as to always searching for a sweet treat after lunch or dinner, even if its just a wee handful of chocolate chips. I love sweet treats and I am hoping the Whole 30 will help me break that habit. All in all, I am just extremely curious how this will effect by body!


Anywho, my parents own a small grocery store and we are well known for our homemade yeast raised Donuts every Saturday morning! Business is always booming so I go in and assist them every Saturday for about 4 hours. My job is to glaze the donuts that come fresh out of the fryer. The problem is, I have to be there by 6am and I generally have little time to grab breakfast before I go. I plan to prepare some meals before I go so I can grab them and maybe take them with me. 


But there I am smelling the sweetness of donuts, glaze, etc for 4 hours. The temptation is so strong! I rarely go an entire donut day without consuming at least 1 donut hole! I know this will be a true test of will power but does anyone have any tips and tricks to avoid this temptation for an extended period of time like this? I usually would gravitate toward chewing gum or something to keep eating a donut out of my head. But gum is not allowed :( I honestly feel like this part of my Whole 30 will be the toughest challenge for me :(





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As someone who likes to bake and to treat others to baked goods - I hear ya - but this can be done.


A couple of things that do help are:


The donuts will not be leaving the planet in 30 days - really they aren't.

The donuts in themselves are not special and you could have one anytime - should you choose to.  But you are choosing to heal your gut so donuts and sugar are something you don't eat right now.  (notice my wording here.  I use don't instead of can't.  If you are telling yourself you can't eat that - it's almost like you are telling a child that they can't have something - we all know what happens when you tell a child "can't".  It means that they really can but you just don't want them too.  So in an act of rebellion - we will often make the can't into CAN.  So using the word don't makes our minds think differently.  It's one of those funny things)


Also - I know it's early - but try to have a decent and filling breakfast.  This is very important. And please do not eat fruit as part of your first meal.  Fruit in the morning has a tendency of setting us up for sugar cravings for the rest of the day.  Also make sure that you have a full compliant meal packed and available (again try to skip the fruit until you are out of there).  Avoid snacking on nuts.  A better snack would be a boiled egg, olives and maybe some crudites.


And lastly - YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! 

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