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Day 2 - Snacking

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Hi My name is Kim and I started my Whole30 yesterday! I moved into my first home over the weekend and thought any empty fridge and pantry would be perfect for a much needed nutritional reset. I had a pretty good first day but still get hungry in between meals. Suggestions?


Yesterday this is how my meals looked


Meal 1: Spinach fritatta, bowl of fruit (cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries) black coffee

Meal 2: wasn't prepared for make the mayo and dressing so improvised with apple, sweet potato and pineapple cooked in ghee with three slices of crumbled sugar free bacon on top

Meal 3: protein salad with canned salmon. Made huge salad with spinach, romaine, carrots, bell pepper, cucumber and tomato and a can of wild caught pink salmon. Finished 1/2 had the rest for lunch day 2.

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If you're hungry between meals, more than likely you need to increase the size of your meals.


For meal 1, how many eggs, approximately, were in your serving of frittata? Aim for as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand, which would likely be 3-4. Some people find fruit at breakfast leaves them hungrier and more prone to cravings throughout the day, so maybe try more veggies and less or no fruit at your first meal. Also, don't forget to add some fat in addition to what you cooked the frittata in -- some avocado or olives maybe.


For meal 2, you have no protein. Bacon is a fat source for Whole30. Also, again with the fruit -- limit fruit to not more than two fist-sized servings a day, and focus on lots of vegetables.


For meal 3, I'm assuming you had mayo in that salmon salad, right? If not, you really needed more fat in that meal.


Generally, aim for lots of vegetables, a palm-sized portion or two or protein or as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand if they're your only protein, and a thumb-sized serving or two of fat (or heaping handful of olives or coconut flakes, or half to a whole avocado, or a small handful of nuts occasionally) in addition to what you cook in, since a lot of what you cook in stays in the pan and isn't consumed.

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