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Did I eat too much?


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So apparently my on the go lunch (cashews and banana) were not like my usual meals that hold me over so by the time I got home for dinner I was starving!!

I am stressing over the fact that I ate so much, because although W30 isn't supposed to be about weight loss, I so badly want to lose!!!

Just curious if I totally screwed up tonight--I ate:

4-5 oz salmon

3 egg omelet with spinach and avo (half of one)

A whole sweet potato with coconut oil

Banana (I know I shouldn't have had a second)

It's so ingrained in me to count fat and calories and this was a LOT of calories, but if W30 means I stop counting, but can still lose weight, I want to break that unhealthy cycle!! But right now, I'm feeling like I completely overdid it!! :(

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No, this was not too much, especially as you were essentially trying to make up for a lunch that lacked any protein or vegetables.


Next time, when you're going to be out and about at meal time, plan ahead -- take a can or pouch of tuna or salmon, or some leftovers, some vegetables (carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, snap peas, sliced bell pepper will all last well even without refrigeration for a few hours and are easy to eat), mayo if you have a cooler to keep it in, or some olives if you don't. Then you'll have a real meal and won't be starving when you get home. It takes some effort and planning on your part, but in the long run, it will be so much better for you.

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