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Carolyn's Take 2 - Back with Greater Resolve!


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Since starting over on Monday, I haven't logged yet, mostly because I have been so busy this week. Better late than never!


Here's my log for yesterday, and I'll do my best to log in the evening of. 




M1 - two eggs (had no time for anything more than that, because I was late for a mtg)

S1 - banana

M2 - Mexican-Style Tuna Fish on Endive




M3 - Spaghetti Squash with Meat Sauce




S2 - nut mix


I had my first dream last night about food / drink cravings. I really thought I blew it again when I woke up!



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Today went fine. No cravings really. I did have a couple of snacks, but no biggie.


M1 - egg with sweet potato, spinach, and kale

M2 - leftover tuna on endive boats

S1 - small bag of mixed nuts (no peanuts)

M3 - chicken breast with sorrel sauce, sweet potatoes and carrots

S2 - a good handful of banana chips

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Just learned that the banana chips have sugar in them! I just didn't think to look. Well, I think that it's not a show-stopper, so I will move on.


Today is Day 5 and had to go to a pub to meet a friend. She had a glass of wine in front of her already. When I ordered a seltzer with lime, she said, "What, I will have a drink by myself?" Wow - that was attempting, but I was prepared. I had a copy of the Whole30 food template (it's a download) and shared it with her. I told her how excited I was to be on Day 5. She congratulated me and we moved on from the topic. It felt awesome to walk out of a PUB and still be Whole30 compliant. Woohoo!

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Ooohh yes isn't it crazy that they put sugar into banana chips?? As if they're not sweet enough!! I ALWAYS assume everything pre made has sugar/sweetener and check the ingredients. It's literally in almost everything.

Today I had roasted chicken and I even asked if there was sugar on that...they looked at me like I was crazy but you can never be too careful!!

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DAY 5 Food:


M1 - egg on fried green cabbage (yes - this was actually good!) with bacon, fresh mixed berries


M2 - blackened salmon with green salad

Had this at a pub and survived! My friend who didn't know I was on Whole30 and having a glass of wine, said innocently - come on, you aren't going to have me drink this glass of wine alone, are you? Well, I was prepared - I had the Whole30 food template (from the downloads) and shared it with her. It was smooth sailing from there!


S1 - Mixed nuts

M3 - swordfish with mango-cucumber salsa, asparagus


On to DAY 6!

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M1 - egg and ham, mixed berries

M2 - chicken sausage, cucumber, tomato, avocado salad

S1 - mixed nuts

M3 - paleo appetizers - had neighbors over (meatballs w/pineapple, bacon-wrapped shrimp, mango "margaritas" (nonalcoholic)


The next day (today), my joints were very achy, especially where I normally sensed arthritis. I am beginning to suspect that I may have a FODMAP sensitivity. I have been drinking seltzer water topped with this organic fruit juice, and yesterday, I had two of those mango margaritas. Today, I'm going to stick to water and see if it clears up. It hurt quite a bit this morning so I want to figure out what the problem could be.


Day 7!

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M1 - egg with ham and kale

M2 - chicken breast stuffed with sorrel, mushrooms and onions with spinach and sweet potatoes


S - handful of pecans

M3 - chicken leg, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries



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All is going well so far. My clothes are fitting much better already.


I'm still hoping that over the course of the 30 days that my arthritis symptoms will lessen. I don't miss my wine at dinner as much as I used to when I "dieted". Glad for that because I have been trying to break that habit for some time now.


I think that really picked the best time to go on this plan, and since I have been cutting out many types of carbs out of my diet for some time, it has been easier to stick to this plan. I remember back around 12 years ago, I went on this diet called "The South Beach Diet" and my god that was hard! I was so used to eating pasta, rice, and bread products, that I was getting the shakes after a day or two. My diet now, just before Whole30, had very little carbs - a piece of whole grain bread in the morning and often I'd have a corn tortilla, but not much other than that. 


Yesterday's log


M1 - spinach omelet with bacon

M2 - salmon salad on endive boats

S - handful of pecans

M3 - flank steak, asparagus, and roasted potatoes


On to Day 9!

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We went out to dinner tonight, and I ordered a drink that was modified to remove the sugar and replace with agave - not good. I overlooked that agave was on the not allowed list. :(  Live and learn.


M1 - scrambled eggs with avocado, tomato along with strawberries

M2 - green salad with grilled chicken

S - leftover salmon salad (small portion) and handful of pecans

M3 - grilled chicken with mixed vegetables, portobello mushrooms

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Yesterday - day 11 - was a weird one. I was often hungry and didn't know why. My stomach ached a bit.


M1 - eggs over easy with kale and spinach.

S1 - fruit salad

M2 - chicken sausage, boiled egg, banana

S2 - pecans

M3 - chicken breast with sweet potatoes and kale

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