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Reintroduction Mishap & How to Recover?


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I finished my W30 on Saturday & I didn't do any reintroduction until Monday.  I gave up soda & artificial sweetener after my 1st W30 last December & I'm saying goodbye to raw sugar & cream in my coffee after this one!  My overall goal is to live W30 as much as possible & limit the non-W30 foods to occasional status (assuming I have no bad reactions).  I have a lot of weight to lose & a history of insulin resistance so I know I feel better when I avoid sugar & processed food so added sugar, bread, pasta, beer, etc. don't need to be in my life & if I do indulge it will be a choiceful but rare occasion.  


On Monday, I reintroduced dairy & had small servings of sour cream & cheese on my carnitas salad @ Chipotle followed by ice cream in the afternoon & cheddar cheese with dinner.  No noticeable issues & while I plan to stick to coconut milk in my coffee, I'd like to be able to have cheese & ice cream now & again.


I went back to W30 eating yesterday & planned to today as well with the next reintro planned for Thursday or Friday.  However, today was chaotic & I had to wing it @ a work lunch event today.  I did the best I could with the catered food & now I'm scrambling a little on how best to proceed.  I chose a smoked turkey wrap with pepita pesto, roasted red pepper, arugula, & Boursin cheese.  I ditched the tortilla & as much of the cheese as I could scrape off.  I also had a salad which was compliant with what I thought was balsamic vinaigrette (figuring it was the best option available).  Turns out it was hoisin vinaigrette so likely had gluten & soy with no way of knowing the culprit if I have any reaction.  


I don't intent to trial gluten-containing grains because I don't want to feel like crap & already know that I get bloated & gain an immediate 5-8 lbs. when I have pizza, beer, etc.  I do plan to see what happens when I eat non-gluten grains & legumes just so I'm aware of any consequences & I also want to be able to drink alcohol.  Giving up artificial sweeteners limits drink choices, but I tend to stick to vodka & club soda with a splash of cranberry or Bacardi & La Croix. 


Do I just stick to W30 for a few more days before I proceed with the next retintro?  Is there an order that's ideal or anything else to consider?  Any tips or advice are much appreciated!  



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The order is up to you and what you want to reintroduce and what is important to you.  My suggestion after you've been bombed is to go back to Whole30 until you feel as well as you did at the end of your 30 days.  There is no telling how long that will be but I would guess about 7-10 days, depending on your sensitivities.

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