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Day 15, celebrating down to a size 18


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Last night I was able to comfortably wear a size 18 "skinny jeans" that I bought three weeks ago....but was unable to wear then (I could zip them up, but couldn't sit down, lol). BTW I define skinny jeans as form fitting top to knees, and no elastic waistband.

First time in over 14 years that I have worn anything less than a 22 on my lower half! Four years ago I was wearing a size 26, then was holding steady at a 22 for three years, down almost to a twenty by this past April.

Note: I wore a size 13 and weighed 150 when I was anorexic in college, I am a big boned girl, and I am 5'9 1/2. Four years ago, 6 months postpartum, I weighed in at 289. I lost 50 lbs over the next year, then maintained (gained back a few pounds) for two and a half years. In February I went gluten, grain and sugar free, and lost 18 pounds. No idea if I have lost more pounds since starting Whole 30, but I have lost an inch or two where I have the hardest time losing weight!

Size 16 here I come!

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