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Whole 30+ to Xmas!


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I have been attempting Whole 30 since last Sunday but had some accidental slip-ups so I'm going to count from today, and I'm actually going to go until Dec 20th. Yesterday I had miso salmon because I had a business lunch at a place that had NOTHING compliant on the menu.... So re-set!

The holidays are always a time when I end up on a never ending sugar and carb binge and any progress I make is lost and I have a hard time getting back into a healthy lifestyle in the new year and am usually overwhelmed by my weight gain. So I'd like to break that pattern this time.

You may wonder why not through Jan 1, then? Well, I might, but at this point I'd like to take it to Dec 20th and re-evaluate how much I want to add back in my life or not, depending on how I feel. I don't see myself NEVER eating chocolate again or NEVER having a latte again, but at this point that's a slippery slope. I'd need a strategy for minimizing the risk of binge eating and that gives me a LIFE LONG strategy for good eating. I'm going to re-examine when I get closer and see what kind of results I'm getting and what meditation on the experience brings to mind.

But until then, IRRELEVANT!! There will be no chocolate and dairy at ALL!.


3 scrambled eggs with apple sauerkraut. A roasted pepper, and some roasted beets. Tried a coconut milk latte. Not sure that's my thing.... A little bitter. might have that once in a while.

Snack - apple

Lunch - rosemary chicken breast in olive oil, brussel sprouts

snack - 15 walnut halves, apple

Dinner - Chocolate chili and zoodles!

Hungry today, and have had a nasty headache....

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Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs, apple sauerkraut, sweet potato. Tea and water.

Absolutely, completely obsessed with walnuts, thinking about buying a big bag of Premium California Walnut halves at Trader Joes like I often do, but if I do that, I will eat the whole damn bag in 3 days. 1 pound of walnuts. I am not craving sugar or bread, I'm craving walnuts. It's my go-to snack when I'm hungry now. I've trained my brain that I eat them when I wake up and I eat them if I'm hungry before I go to sleep and I eat them if I am hungry during the day. According to Whole30, I'm supposed to limit walnuts. I'm going to try to stick to 10 -15 a day at most and I CANNOT have them in the house or I will absolutely eat them.

Did not sleep well, but that's the cat's fault. :)

Also learning that I'm often hungry shortly after I eat and I'm tempted to find more to eat, but if I wait 15 to 20, the feeling goes away...

Lunch: chocolate chili, half avocado

Snack: apple, 15 walnuts

Dinner: frittata with broccoli, brussel sprouts, sweet potato

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Slept well. Phew!

Wasn't as hungry yesterday, thankfully.

Breakfast: Frittata with broccoli, brussel sprouts, sweet potato

snack: apple. Tried to go without any snack but could not make it.

Lunch: Roasted chicken breast, a big pile of roasted brussel sprouts, zucchini and parsnip

snack: walnuts, apple

Dinner - 6 shrimp. no veggies.

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Slept 7.5

Went for a brisk walk this am.

Breakfast: frittata with sweet potatoes, broccoli, sprouts

snack: apple (could not make it. Still hungry.)

Lunch: Roasted chicken breast, roasted carrots, roasted zucchini.

Funny thing - I went to Trader Joes for lunch and had talked myself into buying a bag of walnuts that I was going to allegedly ration. But wouldn't you know it, they did not have any at all. I think that was a sign......

Found some of the frozen grass fed ground beef, which was at a good price too. Very cool.

Snack: apple, macadamia nuts....

Dinner: Chocolate chili with avocado

Wwwwway too many macadamia nuts......

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Ok, so..... if I had a bit of a macadamia nut binge, is that a re-start?.... I definitely had more than a handful. Really REALLY can't have nuts in my house. I bought them for a recipe but I'm not sure the bag will make it that far...

Also, looked closely at vitamins I've been taking, and one has rice flour in it (?!) and the other has sunflower oil.... So it seems like I may have been missing the mark this whole time....

Did not sleep that well, had lots of strange dreams. Woke up and had no intention of walking, felt justified in a rest day, but strangely enough I put on my clothes and walked anyway. This is what I love about having momentum - even when my mind is coming up with excuses, my body will do it anyway. Now if I can just get some momentum on the nut eating thing in the other direction....

Frittata for breakfast with sweet potato, broccoli, brussel sprouts. Small bowl of fruit. Tea.

SUPER run down and hungry today.

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Momentum is cool! :) I personally ban all nuts from my house. I was going to make the Sunshine Sauce from well fed, but decided I can live without it because it contains nut butter and I am better off not going there. I even tried to do a search on Amazon for "small quantities of raw, organic nut butter". Epic fail, but that is okay.

If you are "super run down and hungry" then eat. Just eat Whole30. I don't do fruit. None. It really does me no favors. Are you hungry because of the sugar in the fruit?

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Thanks for that advice about being run down and eating. It might have been from lack of sleep, but it also might have been that I didn't add veggies to all the meals where I ate chocolate chili - just avocado. I do that sometimes.... just eat meat and don't round out the meal with veggies......

Fruit sugar MAY have been an issue, also maybe not eating big enough meals....

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I started eating too little and felt that way as well. Yet instead of really increasing my meats I just upped the veggies huge. I have a very large salad twice a day and 3 side veggies with meal 3 which always has 1 salad. I also figured with that much veggies I don't suppose I needed any vitamins, I just take liquid fish oil (unpleasant ). Hope you get things running right.

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