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Began July 5, 2016


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Day 1 went great! I followed my meal plan and felt empowered doing go!

Day 2... A little more all over the place! I still ate compliantly, but my meals were more scattered. I also felt full for most of the day, and so I was not motivated to eat as much as I was on day 1.

9:30 carrots and almond butter

10:00 - 11:00 palm size turkey sausage (homemade), Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes

12:00 roasted chicken, carrots roasted with almonds and dates (scant dates), grilled zucchini [definitely not enough veggies]

3:00 olives

8:30 8 oz burger with sautéed onions, mixed greens, asapargus... One cherry tomato. Oil and balsamic for dressing. Guac with tomatoes and veggies for dipping (1/2 a Persian cucumber, purple small sized carrot, orange medium carrot)

I'm really trying to do this right. Here's what my job is like.. I work for a restaurant company and we just opened a new restaurant. During the day from 9:30-4:00, I'm training staff and then from 4:00-8:00 I'm working the dining room and helping my staff. It's nonstop from 10-8. Today was hard, but I really tried to make it work. I'm trying not to beat myself up too much.

But all in all! 2 days in and feeling good!

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Hi Isokol & welcome to Whole30  :) 

Could you start out your day with a bigger breakfast? Today's is lacking in protein and is really very small - perhaps if you could prep something on the weekend's or the night before you could reheat & eat in the morning if you're pushed for time? I think this would really help in getting you through the day without the need for those snacks. If you can avoid snacking you'll see MUCH improved results overall as you'll be creating a window between meals big enough for your body to have to learn to tap into it's fat stores for fuel....


Your meal @ 10am looks more like a breakfast although it's lacking in fat.

Lunch looks better, although you know your issues there - more veg, and again more fat (go easy on the nuts)

Dinner looks MUCH better.

It always takes a few days to iron out the problems - keep it up!

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Day 3 went better!

10:00 left over rotisserie chicken, roasted carrots with almonds and dates, and grilled zucchini; sautéed garlic scapes, carrots, and red and green bell pepper, carrots and almond butter

2:30 hamburger patty, sautéed garlic scapes, carrots, and red and green bell pepper, olives

10:30 baked chicken breast, mixed greens, cucumbers, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 c butternut squash soup

I did wake up with a headache today. Unsure if it's the way I slept or the beginning of a sugar hangover.... Stay tuned!!!

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I'm pacing with you...started at the same time.  I have too have a scratchy, not quite there, wants to blast through little headache.  I feel hungover-ish and I can't drink enough water.  I drank a gallon yesterday.  I'm still feeling empowered and great!  We can get through this!  :)

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