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Day 29: is this tiger blood?


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It's day 29 for me today, and I'm feeling so proud!


When I started this whole30, I really wasn't sure if I'd be able to do this for 30 days, and I'm pinching myself that tomorrow is day30.


Reading up before I started, I suspected I might have a problem with fodmaps, so I eliminated those too, plus nightshades and eggs.


That didn't leave a lot to eat, and I've been away from home for 20 of these 30 days. But because of that I've eliminated almost every previous excuse I used to tell myself about why I couldn't stick to a healthy eating plan. It IS possible when you plan ahead.


Lots of NSVs: my skin has improved a lot, although I still have some rosacea on my cheeks but it has improved a lot. Sleep has been the biggest benefit. I'm astounded that i can put my head on my pillow and be asleep almost straight away. This is from someone who got a prescription for sleeping pills from my doctor 18 months ago because I found it so difficult to get to sleep. And 11pm is now a late night for this former night owl. So i'm waking up early every morning, without an alarm and feeling refreshed. I'd have done whole30 years ago if I knew that the payoff could be this.


My clothes are looser, but I won't be weighing myself on day31, because I've realised the number on the scale isn't that important. That in itself is a NSV. I've proved that I can make a commitment to myself and see it through. I'm eating 3 solid meals a day, no more snacking, no more 'recreational eating'. I eat within 30 mins of getting up and I have my last meal at least 3 hours before bed. Those are routines I will keep.


I didn't exercise much during the whole30, although I did take up pilates and then this week saw a 10k coming up in my hometown in 5-6 weeks time and thought 'I'm going to do that' (i ran a couple of 10ks last year but haven't done much running over the past 6-8 months.


So today i went for a walk/run - and I LOVED it. I was out for over an hour, and it felt so good, to move my body, just to move my body, and because I had energy to burn. Not to slog for punishment or trying to attain some goal, just for pleasure. Yesterday I had been thinking 'well tiger blood never really kicked in for me' but then this evening it occurred to me that feeling that way on a run is indeed tiger blood!


For the first time in years I am able to really listen to my body.


I haven't been that active in the forum, asked a couple of questions and thanks for the help I received. I think I'll be a lot more active during the reintroduction period!


P.S The $15 I spent on the 30 day email support was worth every penny. I loved being able to click 'I did it! Another whole30 day in the bank' at the end of every day.




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WOW - your post is so inspirational!  I travel often, too and am impressed with your dedication to yourself.  I have eliminated nightshades and eggs, too.  I'm on day 3 and slept better last night then I have in years (my fitbit even told me so!).  Would you be willing to share some of your tips?  I am concerned with what to do for breakfast without eggs in hotels:).  I fly out tonight and packed 2 steak salads with olives (one for lunch at my meeting and one for dinner on the plane).  Any tips would be greatly appreciated.  I look forward to hearing about your reintroduction and your food sensitivities.  


But mostly - CONGRATS!  

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Thank you DesertSun.


When travelling and staying in a hotel with no fridge, I brought cooler bags with prepared food. Cooked meat, bags of salad, lemons, I made my own whole30 pesto (basil, evoo and pinenuts) I mixed that in with shop bought courgetti and added protein. . I brought roasted carrots, tins of tuna and salmon and jars of olives. Smoked salmon with salad worked well for breakfast. I put the salad in a big lunch box, poured over evoo, lemon juice and maldon sea salt and gave the whole thing a good shake.


I popped out to the shops while i was there and bought bags of ice for my cooler bags so I had a homemade fridge while staying in the hotel.


some of my travel was with self-catering facilities so that was just like cooking at home.


So far I have reintroduced vegan protein powder (no go, I had terrible burping for a couple of hours after eating that, I was shocked), red wine which didn't cause any physical problems but REALLY left me feeling low and quite emotionally negative the following day, and egg yolks (no symptoms, hurrah! as I can now make mayo!)


I'm planning to do another whole30 starting on Friday.


I found eating out to be a bit of a nightmare as

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