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Supplementing w/ Progesterone and Side Effects


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So a pretty specific question, but I've been diagnosed with luteal phase defect for the last few years (I don't make enough progesterone...aka my ovaries don't play by the play-book).  I take 200mg of bio-identical progesterone orally and I noticed last night when I took it, I got hit really hard with one of the side effects that used to NEVER mess with me, the side effect of dizziness/drunkeness.  Thankfully I take it right before bed, but I was just wondering if any other women out there had any similar experiences? I am currently on Day 21 of my Whole30. My guess is maybe my hormones are doing so well naturally that the extra progesterone was causing the side effect? Or perhaps my liver is able to process is better? I'm curious to see if the same thing happens tonight when I take it again.

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