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Legume Lethargy

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Today is my Legume Reintroduction day.

I have not cared much for legumes mostly.

Prefer chili without beans; no refried beans for me at the Mexican restaurant, no baked beans at the church social.

But I do like garbanzos in a few dishes, so that is my legume of choice.

Previously, I have observed that peanuts (which I like), and peanut butter (which I like) and soy nut butter (also like), made me feel rather sluggish after I ate them. I'll call it Legume Lethargy.

So today I am only using garbanzos and soy sauce, neither of which ever gave me any trouble.

(that I know of)

This morning I added about half of one can garbanzos to my breakfast soup.

It was delightful!

For lunch I had channa masala (an Indian garbanzo dish) with sweet potatoes and poached fish and broccoli. I used to have it on rice but not today. Actually, I think I like it better with sweet potatoes.

Thank you, Whole30, for new discoveries! :)

I noticed feeling a little lower level gassiness in the mid-afternoon.

This is probably from the breakfast rather than the lunch.

Hmmmmmmm, if this is the only problem I could probably eat them once in a while and make sure to take digestive enzymes with the meal. 

Fortunately, no lethargy.

Tonight I am making an oriental style salad using soy sauce in the dressing.

Tune in tomorrow, folks, or the next day, for the dramatic results.



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Day after Legume re-intro report.

Just the gas as I reported yesterday.

No noticeable effects from the soy sauce.

(unless something happened while I was sleeping! :) )


I think I may try the garbanzos again on a later date and take digestive enzymes or kim chi with that meal to see if it will be better.


Next re-intro is Gluten-Free grains, I think.

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It is so easy to stay on Whole30 that I kind of forgot that I was going to reintroduce those beans again!

Tried some garbanzos in a different dish and used the digestive enzymes at that meal.

Results: PERFECT!

Also, I did have another occasion to use soy sauce and there were no noticeable after effects.

Since these are the only two legumes that I really care about we have a plan that works.


Next stop: Gluten-free grains.

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