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First Whole30 in the books


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So today is Day 31. I did it! I made it 30 whole days of eating nothing but healthy and nourishing foods! I've never been overweight and I've always been blessed with a fairly high metabolism, allowing me to eat pretty much whatever I wanted. However, growing up I was the pickiest of eaters. The only foods I would eat were pretty much cheese pizza, chicken nuggets, chocolate pop-tarts, and Eggo waffles. Oh and my only veggies were french fries and ketchup.   I pretty much ate like this until I got married at 21. After I got married I started to expand my food horizon, some for the better (like trying yellow squash for the first time) and some for the not so much better (like finding out I loved pasta.) The last couple of years I've cleaned up my diet big time, and there is little that I don't eat (except pickles and mayo, I dislike both of them). Finally, I've decided to really kick it into high gear, thus bringing me to my first Whole30 experience. It was my hope that the Whole30 would not only help push myself to eat healthier, but hopefully improve my infertility (I struggle with endometriosis and massive pelvic adhesions.)

So what can be said about this first Whole30 experience?

- I have come to grow and love eating veggies for breakfast! Why haven't I thought about this sooner? Mmm, nothing is better than sauteed veggies with some runny eggs!

-I used to graze on foods all day long. I couldn't believe it when I started going 5-6 hours in-between meals!

-I've always struggled with eating enough protein throughout the day, especially animal protein. The Whole30 has taught me a lot about how to create a more balanced meal.

-I found my "tiger blood" in the afternoons.  It's nice and makes me a more pleasant person to work with! I think I'm getting more done at work ;)

-I gave up caffeine. I wasn't a huge slave to it before, but it was nice to kick the habit to the streets.

-I've realized that there are some foods I don't necessarily need back in my life. For some reason, hard cheeses just don't sound appetizing anymore.  Ice cream on the other hand, is a completely different story though :P

-I learned how much I enjoy cooking. While the prep and clean-up is annoying, I've come to embrace it as part of the life, so it isn't that big of a deal.

-I made my own fresh pesto! Oh my goodness, it was sooo good! And so easy to make!

-Chicken and Apple sausages. Enough said!

-I lost 5lbs. I wasn't looking or really expecting to lose some weight, but I did. I also lost 2 inches from my waist and hips. I was happy to see my "love handles" melt away!


Whether or not the Whole30 has helped my infertility struggles is yet to be seen. Given that it was only 30 days, probably not.  I look forward to doing a second Whole30 in the near future, but first I'm going to do some re-intros and enjoy some delicious, well-deserved ice cream!

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