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Prioritizing for a beginner


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Just finished my 5th whole30 and adding back exercise now. 40 year old woman with 2 small children, spotty exercise since kids arrived. I'm starting back with a popular 21 day video exercise series.

As a beginner should I prioritize recovery post-workout protein? The post work out starchy veg sounds optional but I'm not clear on who needs it more...is it more for runners/cardio?

Or should I go for both pre and post workout suggestions?

This morning I did pre-workout chicken and olives but then afterwards the post work out meat and potatoes seemed unappetizing.

I know I'm not doing athlete level, so it may not matter?

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Hey connie  :)


The general rule of thumb would be that if your WO will mean you not eating until more than an hr after wakening you should include the preWo meal, but if you're WO in say in between lunch & dinner you can probably forgo it.

I'd focus on postWO & probably stick with a lean protein. The starches are for replenishing muscle glycogen so you may find that until you up the intensity of your WOs you'll be fine without it.

Hope this helps.

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