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mess up on reintroduction


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I jumped into the Whole30 the day after I came across it online, well before the book arrived. It was easy because I ate the compliant foods anyways.  My issue is: binging, portion control, and cream, cheese and sugar (primarily in chocolate).  I was surprised I could go without those 3 for a month, especially sugar. I was careful not to use nuts or dates to satisfy my after-lunch sugar/snacking craving.  However, I did binge 3 times during the 30 days on nuts. So many calories... 

Anyways, I almost missed day 31 as it was going well for me.  I have 1 cup of coffee a day and I already had it with unsweetened cashew nut milk when I realized it was day 31!  So I had a 2nd cup with cream - and I measured out 1 tbsp., which was more than enough (I used to use about 4!)  I also had cheese.  I don't think I had any adverse reaction on days 2 and 3, but admittedly, I kept on with the 1 tbsp. of cream in my coffee on days 2 and 3, but no other dairy.  So, I guess I may not have evaluated dairy properly?  On day 4, I decided on non-gluten grains and had a big bowl of white rice (something I used to crave), but I also had dairy (cream and cheese). Day 5 (today)  I woke with a headache and I'm not really a headache person unless I'm dehydrated and I don't think that was the issue. It didn't last long.  Maybe it was the rice, or just a coincidence.  I should re-evaluate the rice I guess.  I'm wondering since I've been having that 1 tbsp. of cream a day if I need to stop that for a few days and then reintroduce dairy again properly and then wait and try rice again?  Or, if I can just do Whole30 a couple days, even with my dairy screw up, and then do rice again.  I guess, I'm pretty attached to that 1 tbsp. of cream a day! 

Surprisingly, I'm in no rush to reintroduce sugar and I'm not craving cheese, so I plan on limited consumption of it in the future since I ate too much of it before.


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If you are wanting to do the reintroductions to get the very best information, you introduce one item for however many days that is, 1 per the book, more if you really want a good experiment, and then go back to Whole30 for at least 2-3 days or until you feel good again, assuming whatever you ate caused you to feel badly.   You do not reintroduce that tested item again until all your reintroductions are done.

It's possible that 1 day of dairy didn't bother you but that 5 days of dairy was too much. Or maybe it was the rice. You can't know unless you do the testing systematically and free of variables.


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