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Sarah Liz's Whole 30 Log

Sarah Liz

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Day 1



2 eggs, a little ground pork, handful of spinach


a few raw cashews


ground pork, broccoli, bell peppers, zucchini

some strawberries


chicken & steak, bell peppers, onions




seltzer water with lime


Had a bit of a hard time waking up this morning. I don't usually have much caffeine (due to it causing IC flares) so that won't change much. I had some chamomile tea this morning (caffeine free).

IC Pain:

Minimal pain so far!


I have an important job interview tomorrow so I'm really nervous/anxious. I'll be eating breakfast a full hour before I usually do so it may throw off my eating schedule. Maybe I should bring an extra snack or save some of the breakfast for after the interview.

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Good luck with the interview. I don't know how you should handle breakfast before the interview, but the fact that you were hungry before lunch suggests that you did not eat enough for breakfast on day 1. A handful of spinach is nothing and I'm not sure what a little ground pork is. A serving as big as the palm of your hand would be appropriate. If you are eating less pork, you might need to go up to 3 or even 4 eggs.

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Thanks for the advice. I'll try to eat more for breakfast tomorrow. I can only stomach so many eggs (they said in the book as many eggs as you can hold in your hand--I can hold 2), so I'll need to find some alternatives. I have guacamole so maybe I'll use that!

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