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It's Day #6.  I have been 100% complaint with the Whole30 plan.  I don't feel like I've lost any weight.  I'm a huge sugar addict (4-5 sugars in coffee, chocolate every day, ice cream, candy).  The detox headache is gone, thankfully.  I start marathon training again on Monday.  Been eating quite a bit of potatoes on plan and adding red pepper mayo as my fat at most meals.  This is a really different way of eating for me.

My personal goal for Whole30 is to incorporate lifelong healthy eating habits, with a "side effect" of losing 15 stubborn pounds!!  I'm choosing to trust all you Forum folks who are telling me that I WILL feel better in a couple weeks and be grateful that I stuck with the program.

I managed to stay on program while vacationing with my family (14 kids/grandchildren) the past 3 days.  Our rental included a full kitchen so I made sure to be prepared.  I brought everything I needed and ate all meals with the family.  Sometimes what I ate was a little different but no one noticed or commented.  I read somewhere (maybe the daily Whole30) to get a soda water with lime RIGHT AWAY during cocktail hour.  That worked beautifully!!!

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You're doing great!

Just to note, you are on day 6 of 30. It is not unusual to not notice weight loss this soon. You are also heading into a point where many people experience bloating, so don't be surprised if you notice your clothes feeling a bit tighter for a few days. Don't panic, it will go away soon. Check out the time line for a little more about what to expect:

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