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Reintroduction complete - - Good news


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Happy to report that my reintroduction is complete. Here is how things turned out.

Legumes are not good for me , so they are off my diet.

Everything else seems to be just fine, digestible and with no side-effects. I do not find sweet things and grains as interesting or satisfying as before Whole30. Now I prefer fat and protein. I am contented with that change because, as we all know, sugar is not our friend. Yesterday I bought a loaf of my formerly favorite Italian bread. The first piece was good, but not good enough. I do not want to finish it. I shall dry the remainder out and give it to the birds. Wow! I never thought that would happen! Nice surprise. 

One of the things I am enjoying now is the occasional meal without protein. Big salad with lettuces, apples, celery, olives and mayo - - my "Bunny Bowl".  It's a treat.

Many thanks to all who offered help and encouragement along the way.

natasha OncoWarrior

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