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My favorite 4 pm snack is an apple and peanut butter.  I read that snacking, especially fruit, is discouraged.  Is an apple with almond butter an acceptable snack?  

I am starting the program on Friday and planning ahead.  Thanks!

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Hmmm. Nope.

Try building your meals so that you don't need a snack. If it's a habit, find something else to do to take your mind of it. And if you really must snack out of genuine hunger rather than habit/boredom make it a mini meal made up of at least two of the three food groups with protein & fat being your best option.

Fruit when eaten like this can impact blood sugar, which in turn effects energy, appetite & mood. Nut butters should be limited as they're hard on the digestive system, are an inferior fat source, and become a food without breaks.

Three good sized template meals is your best bet ;)

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