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Help, brain power needs to kick in by Friday

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I just started my whole30, I'm on day 2. I am taking a certification exam on Friday (day 5) and it's important for my career that I pass. The thing is, between yesterday and today I'm having difficulty focusing on my books. According to the timeline I will want to kill all the things by Friday which doesn't sound so great for my mental acuity. Any tips for staying sharp? 

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I never wanted to Kill All the Things. In fact I didn't follow the timeline much at all in my first 30days so don;t assume you will too. Things you can do to make sure there is no brain fog?

Drink at least a half an ounce of water per pound of body weight daily

Salt your food generously

Embrace the fat - REALLY embrace it - you need it specifically for brain health

Spend time outdoors - vitamin D is essential for lifting the spirits

Eat some oily fish for the omega 3s, alongside some starchy veg to make the omega 3s more bioavailable

Eat some  tuna with brazil nuts for the selenium

Eat starchy veg at meal three to help with sleep

Get adequate sleep


Good luck with the exam!!

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