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My Favorite part of Whole 30


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I'm not sure if I'm in the right forum to post this but, thought it might be interesting to hear what other's LOVE about the Whole30 program.

Thou, I have many NSV that are happening thru this journey - - My favorite part of Whole 30 is finally ditching my scale..  & I don't mean my

weight scale but, my food scale..  I come from a background of many many years of weighing out my food and in the past few years have

been IFFM.  I'm very used to food prep so that has not been an issue at all but, the very fact I can just fill my plate as outlined in the template and

enjoy the delicious whole foods awith full fat mayo - Oils - Ghee - etc... and not weigh or count a darn thing is so very freeing to me.  I leave each meal feeling very satisfied and can't imagine

being hungry again in 5 hours but, sure enough when the time rolls around I am really looking forward to that next meal.    The freedom of not

having to lug 3 mini-meals into work with me every day is heaven...  I can't believe I can eat this much and still lose weight (I know I've lost weight just by the way my clothes are fitting .. 


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