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I Need to Lose, Husband Needs to Maintain


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My husband and I started Whole 30 on July 13, and we both did well. He mostly started to support me, but he has been very dedicated; probably to the point of not eating quite enough, especially when I'm not there cooking for him. He even continued to lose during a wedding weekend last week (I didn't do quite so well).

Yesterday he announced he is at his goal weight... YAY! He only had 15 pounds to lose, and he is at the lowest he's been in years. He feels great too.

I on the other hand still have a LOT of weight left to lose. We both want to continue with this plan. But my question is: how do I plan food choices that will keep me losing, and him maintaining? As an active guy, does he need more carbs? The same food I'm eating, but more of it?

Part of the point of doing this together was so I wouldn't have to be a short-order cook, and we could eat the same thing. But our goals are going to be different now. So... suggestions and recommendations are welcome!


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