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Anyone have success with HCL + pepsin capsules in aiding digestion? (Constipation particularly). I take calm magnesium before bed, 1 tbsp, digestive enzymes , probiotics and fermented foods and still have issues on and off.  I've started to try a bit of GAPs to lower starch , pretty much eliminating potatoes and plantains. And increasing coconut oil instead of avocados for fat.  Also doing 1 tbsp collagen mixed into coffee and tea. Started making bone broth as well.

Typical day:

breakfast: 2 -3 whole eggs plus 2-3 oz shredded chicken or beef sautéed in 1 tbsp coconut oil plus a ton of veggies, half a bag each of spinach and shredded cabbage and whatever dinner veggies are left

lunch: 3 cups mixed veggies cooked in coconut oil with 4-6 oz protein - ground beef, chicken ect & a handful of olives 

dinner: I was doing a huge raw salad w broccoli cooked in coconut oil with raw carrots, capers, olives, avocado, onion, mushrooms and tomatoes with a bunch of olive oil and ACV and maybe a can of tuna mixed w mayo or 4-5 oz chicken or steak.. I think steak is hard for me to digest so limiting beef it ground beef.

ill have my first meal a bulletproof coffee with some chicken salad before I workout and if I have time a few bites of chicken with some pumpkin before breakfast... Often I'll skip this and have breakfast ... I know it's not ideal for fat after working out tho! 

Sometimes not often though bc of the nuts I'll have some coconut/cashew/apricot energy balls pre workout or as a snack if needed that I make for my husband. I cut out all nuts to see if it makes a difference.  I finished my first whole30 a few weeks ago and still eat paleo but my birthday week I did have cashew ice cream and plantain brownies a few times ... So I learned maybe once a week that's ok but not 3 times a week ;)

i workout daily and am breast feeding. After starting whole30 I have noticed not needing snacks during the night while nursing so that's good! And the second week when I started this in July I did have diarreah and water retention, cramps ect and took that as a good sign , possibly my gut lining healing?  I also start my morning w lemon water sometimes w cayenne and a probiotic .


Thanks for any input!!!

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Also- I'm so sure my gut is damaged from yearsssss of professional competing and a crazy high protein diet and years of not paying attention to hormones/ constipation ect . I've always eaten well but things like oats and sprouted breads ect that now I know isn't the healthiest choice. I had to take stool softners my entire last pregnancy (only one a day really instead of 3, so not horrible ... I would take it with my calm at night and always seemed to keep me regular). But when I decided in February to try no grains ect I did get slight headaches the first few days and came down with a nasty ear and sinus infection which really messed me up BUT also indicates the grains really weren't good for my immune system. 

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We recommend 1/2 ounce of water per pound of body weight. This is especially important if constipation is an issue. 

I have had good experience consuming baked sweet potatoes for improving bowel performance. They are easy to digest and play well with the gut. Nuts and raw veggies are hard to digest and irritate the gut. Eliminating them can be useful. You might think that raw veggies help force bowel movements, but it seems they can slow things down instead. I suspect you are more likely to have trouble digesting raw veggies than steak.

HCL + pepsin has been helpful for lots of people. Maybe it would be helpful for you. 

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