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HELP! Clarified butter moldy!

Robin R.

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I have been using my homemade clarified butter.  Just finished my Whole 30 a few days ago.  I had it in the fridge and understood that you could keep it at room temperature for up to 3 months. I had just a little bit left so I left it on my table.  I just opened it and it was MOLDY!  Gah!  What does this mean?  I followed all of the instructions on how to make it.  I used Kerrygold buttre.  Removed milk solids, then strained through a cheesecloth.  Allowed to completely cool before storing.   I put it in a glass jar and put in the fridge.    Can you please tell me what happened?  Does this mean there were milk solids in it?  I am so confused!  

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