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Let's Do This Thing!


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Well, I'm IN.  I'm officially on the Whole30 as of this morning.  I've heard a little bit about it off an on over the past couple of years, and bought the Whole30 book about a month ago.  I didn't start until today because I just celebrated my 50th birthday with a party with a bunch of friends and I wanted to be able to eat my birthday dinner and cake, then go ALL in.  ;-)

I'm excited and a little nervous about going through the bleah part, what with working part time and having a busy schedule like most of us do.  But I'm super excited about resetting my body and seeing the results.  

I've planned some meals (the recipes in the Whole30 book look amazing), and I'm also following the FB Whole30 and Whole30 recipes.  I've signed up to get the newsletter, and feel pretty set.

So, I'm here, and I'm IN!!!  Let's GO!!:D


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