Wheat in my conditioner?


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Ok, I have a question, hopefully this is the right place for it.

Obviously wheat is a no-no to eat during W30, however I was in the shower and started reading ingredients on my shower products. I saw that my conditioner bottle lists a wheat ingredient. WTH, why is there wheat in my conditioner? And should I be concerned about absorbing it into my scalp?

Same question for lotions applied to the entire body. These are full of random ingredients, no doubt the skin is absorbing at least some of them. Any advice? Do I need to start seeking out products with minimal artificial ingredients and/or making my own?

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I'm pretty late to this but wanted to chime in anyway... If you're gluten-intolerent/celiac, I would remove completely gluten, including skin care and hair care. I read in Pimal Body Primal Mind that your skin can absorb the protein and it can enter your bloodstream (via blood vessel in the skin): when you're showering, usually the water is hot enough to open up your pores. Therefore your skin (including your scalp) is more vulnerable to products.

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