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What about menopause


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You will get results. Eating healthy foods in amounts that support your activity levels will always make you healthier. Will you get the same results as a 20-year-old? Probably not -- you're not 20 anymore (unless it's really early menopause, I suppose I shouldn't make assumptions ;)).

This is an older thread but it's still somewhat active from time to time, you might find it helpful or interesting: Older women following Whole30.

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12 hours ago, Joanne143 said:

Will I still get the expected results even though I am going through menopause?

I can tell you that I have been in menopause for well over a year, and since doing my first Whole 30 in January I have had amazing results!  I am 48 years old and until about 10 years ago I could eat whatever I wanted, as long as I exercised.  Well slowly the weight started creeping on, and then once my exercising ceased...BAM!  Through the years I gradually advanced from a size 8 to a size 14, and I think I was in a Dressbarn fitting room trying on a pair of size 14 pants that were too tight, when I made the decision that something has to change!  Although it was my weight that inspired me to change, there are so many other benefits that come along with completing the Whole 30.  I've tried to continue eating Whole 30ish for the most part and it has helped me to feel the best I have in years.  The energy is amazing once that tiger blood sets in!

And how about hot flashes???  At about the 3 week mark when I did my first round the hot flashes stopped!  I was amazed at this magical cure....but they did come back, for me anyway.  I did a second round in May and they did not stop that time.  Here's to hoping they stop with round 3!

Good luck Joanne...p.s...I am a Joanne also and even spelled the same way-I don't see that often!


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