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Can I do it? Pregnant whole30-ish log


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I'm 8 weeks pregnant. 

Sick, exhausted, terrified something will go wrong with the pregnancy, and EATING ALL THE THINGS.

I had a wonderful whole30 in July/August and I completely attribute that to getting pregnant 4 days after I finished. 

Morning sickness is kicking my ass and I keep reaching for the refined white carbs. I have a gut feeling that they're making it worse. I am so tired and don't even feel human. 

So I am turning to this wonderful forum to log what I eat.

I don't expect this to be a perfect log I'm just doing it for some accountability.

Today I've eaten some; granola, raspberries, greek yoghurt and an entire box of rice crackers :(

Husband is cooking steak for dinner - hopefully I'm in the mood for meat. Think I just need to go for it and get some protein into my body. 

All advice welcomed :)

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Think I'm getting into a better routine.

I've kicked out all the crackers, bagels, and hidden away the gluten free pasta and gnocchi.

Last two days very similar;

breakfast; greek yoghurt, expensive granola (which I am going to finish) and berries

Lunch (i've been splitting this into 2 meals); 3 hard boiled eggs, medium size yellow potato, homemade mayo, and some reheated cooked chicken breast.

Snack; yesterday - banana, today - 2 dates with nut butter

Dinner; yesterday- steak cooked through :( (I was a medium rare eater before) green beans, sweet potato - going to do the same tonight.


Not perfect. But better than the carb fest I was on!

Short term goals: eventually get off the yoghurt and granola for breakfast.

Long term goals: complete a day of compliant eating at some point lol.

I read that Melissa ate the homemade mayo through out her pregnancy, so I think i'll keep eating it. 

Had my first scan today. Everything looks really good. 

Glad that I am eating consciously again.

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I'm 30 weeks and once mayo wasn't repulsive (around 16 weeks maybe...) I went back to eating my own.  I make a batch and have my husband eat some - 1-2 days later I'll eat it :) 

I think your meals sound great for 8 weeks!  Just eat well *when you can*.  If all veggies and meat sound gross, try fruit, if only Tootsie Rolls sound good... meh, oh well - enjoy them :) 

I also found that working out really helped.  It made me feel better and it seemed to make me want slightly healthier food... the days I didn't work out were always my worst eating wise.  

Glad to hear your first scan went well!  

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@littleg thanks so much for your words! You've been such an inspiration to me. I found your log when I was going my first whole30 and I knew that when/if I got pregnant if I could be half as diligent as you I'd be on the right track. And I did get pregnant.. fast lol. 

I am really struggling with my weights work outs at the gym. To be honest I haven't done them for 2 weeks. However I am walking my dog for 30 mins twice a day and doing a 30 min stint on the treadmill. Hopefully I start feeling more like myself again soon. 

I'm still making my way through the granola and greek yoghurt for breakfast. After I eat that my throat gets this really hot and scratchy feeling. I think I am going to start feeding that to husband and start eating hard boiled eggs instead. Hard boiled eggs and mayo are like the most amazing food for me at the moment. hilarious. 

Couldn't eat steak last night it was gross. So just ate veggies instead. Also eating a lot of berries they're so sweet to me right now... like candy!

Busy weekend ahead with friends visiting us in nola. Going to eat all the southern foods. Praying I have enough energy to be present with them. Have zofran for back up in case I get really bad. Back at 'it' on Tuesday. 

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I'm back! I have had two different sets of visitors over the last 2 weeks. And last Tuesday I also came down with a cold and a cough :( I am starting to feel better now though. Just seems to be the cough that is lingering. 

On a positive note getting sick made me forget about nausea and vomiting! Hopefully that won't come back now - I was 11 weeks yesterday.

I've written a meal plan today and feeling much more motivated about eating well. When I was so nauseated all I could eat was eggs and carbs!

I've also just completed a big grocery shop - so lots of fresh veggies, lean meats, eggs, some fruit and some compliant foods (applegate sausage, lara bars)

Hopefully things can start to get back on track. Feeling positive!

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Gosh didn't realize it had been so long in-between check ins. 

Also I have the flu again... I have been really busy and did an 8 day trip to Australia from the states (ugh the swelling from the flights!) 

I guess it is a combination of being busy, pregnant, the drugs I take for autoimmune disease, and my diet not being the best -_- I have been eating dairy, sugar, and gluten free grains.

I am doing a whole 7 starting today to do a mini reset whilst not putting too much pressure on myself. 

Otherwise all is pretty good. 17 weeks and still haven't popped a bump - also obstetrician said I won't feel movement until later on because of how things are positioned in there ... (my non medical explanation for you).

Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled, half pepper, handful of grape tomatoes, half an avocado

not sure on the rest of the day... need to go and get organized !!

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6 hours ago, ExpatElle said:

still haven't popped a bump

Enjoy this time while you can tie your shoes :) 

I remember feeling my first kick at 18 weeks.  I was at work for "huddle" at the nurses station and actually yelped when it happened because it was so out of the blue.  I hadn't had any fluttering or anything - just that random kick.  Then nothing for a few days.  By the middle of 19 weeks I was feeling something everyday.  My placenta is posterior though - anterior placentas make it harder to feel.  My SIL (preggo with twins) probably got to almost 24 weeks or so without feeling anything.  

Good luck with your 7 day reset!  This is a tough time of year to always make good choices... that is for sure!

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@littleg we are keeping the gender a surprise! I had a scare at the 20 week scan and haven't been on here much since. They think our little bub has a stomach obstruction. I have another scan in 2 weeks time. It's really been stressing me out... I hope you're managing motherhood?! I went to a fantastic baby class called 'happy baby'. It is a program by Dr Harvey Karp about settling down babies. Apparently their crying peaks at about 6-8 weeks and he has 5 tips to settle them really fast.

I had to do the gestational diabetes test today and had an awful reaction to all the sugar. About 2 hours after (blood had been drawn thank goodness!) I got really dizzy, over heated and then vomited. Sugar really is the devil. This afternoon it really has made me think that the sugar that has slipped into my diet has got to go.

I've been eating whole30 about 50% of my days, the other days I may have greek yoghurt, a hot chocolate (on almond milk, - as if that makes a difference), chocolate and cheese... probably really pushing the boundaries with cheese. Still staying away from rice, wheat, & oats. But the sugar! 

My husband really wants to do a whole30 so I think having him on board means we will be able to get through 30 days with no cheats or SWPO treats. We start tomorrow .. right as mardi gras heats up and king cake is everywhere lol. 

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@ExpatElle  So sorry to hear about the scan... I hope it turns out to be easily fixed... I see babies in the NICU all the time who need some GI surgery soon after birth and they do awesome!  I think its harder on the parents than the babies.  

Oh, we use the Happiest Baby on the Block stuff ALL.THE.TIME.  It really does work .  Get the DVD.  It is 20 min video vs 200 pg book!

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