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Food Freedom Journey begins NOW.


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I am a fairly new Whole30 fan, my first being in August and finishing up my second now.  I started this though, because I read from Whole30 that a solution I had been seeking for my unhealthy cycles of weight gain and loss over my lifetime actually EXISTS... freedom from measuring, weighing, depriving myself of 'Everything I Love',  weak will-power, failure, guilt, depression... the dieting merry-go-round. 

I had (and still have - although much less) excess weight to lose, but my motivation was truly to find a way to get myself and my habits under control so that I can be the healthiest person I can be as I get closer and closer to retirement age.  I wanted to lose the weight and not gain it back again, and again.  I wanted my hips, knees and feet to not hurt so much, or dared I hope, to stop hurting completely.  I want to take the hike that winds its way up to an elevation with a magnificent view.  I don't want to be one on the sidelines watching others do it, and then just get back on the bus to be carted to the next location where we pile out, look at the view from where we stand, and do nothing.  I want to LIVE up until the last moment.  And I see so many where health issues, frequently related to unhealthy food choices, have them standing/sitting feebly on the sidelines.

My focus now is Food Freedom for LIFE.

From Melissa's newest book, I now realize that it will be many rotations of re-sets and re-introductions before this comes natural, recognize that it's a journey of its own, to learn a way of eating for a lifetime that provides all I seek.  

I would enjoy having others to talk with on this journey, to share our successes, concerns and those things that hold us back from what we truly want - for food to provide the satisfying nourishment we need, the good tastes we enjoy, the occasional treat that is "special" and "worth it", and for it to NOT RULE OUR LIVES.

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The weather is cooling in NH, and we are beginning to look forward to and enjoy the "comfort foods" we grew up with.  How wonderful that we can still do this the Whole30 way!

Tonight's supper - Crockpot Beef Chili, a Whole30 recipe imported to my RealPlans, which I find so helpful in planning meals and keeping an up-to-date grocery shopping list for the week's recipes. Served the chili over cauliflower "mashed potatoes" (inspired to include a small white potato to the cauliflower mash by a facebook poster, and it was very tasty!). I doubled the chili recipe with left-over meals & freezing portions in mind, and I also added two medium sized zucchini to the pot, cooking with the rest from the very beginning. A nice hearty meal, fully compliant and filling.


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On Friday, we left for a weekend where we knew we were not going to be compliant to Whole30, but planned to eat as closely to that healthy way of eating as possible overall, knowing full well that there'd be indulgences that we'd enjoy.

We did.

What we did eat, however, wasn't on a normal schedule, wasn't what we know now to be the healthiest of choices, and though we ate to a feeling of fullness (and yes, beyond - ugh), it didn't provide the fuel for energy to last the day... and it made us want other less than healthy choices too.

We're back, on Monday morning, to the plan for 3 S & S meals/day (satiating and satisfying).  We ate this morning's breakfast with enjoyment.  I think we both went to bed actually looking forward to this morning's first meal back and the next many days, where treats won't be around, offered, or even any part of our thoughts. 

I had some left-over homemade goodies that a friend brought to the weekend in honor of my upcoming birthday.  I froze them last night, but threw them away this morning, because I dove into them straight out of the freezer after 9pm.  So.  Some habits still remain.  

I don't usually blame food for the way I feel, but I know I don't feel as good today, or even yesterday, as I had for months now since first doing a Whole30.  That's worth noting.  I'm documenting that here, for it's so easy to forget later, when deciding if something is "special" and "worth it".  My digestive system is squeaking and groaning.  I feel too full.  I'm not feeling that basic happy that I've been enjoying of late.

I know I'm not feeling guilt, for it's no big deal, we're right back to what we know are better choices for a healthy body.  But I do feel that I definitely could have done that better, and am looking forward to knowing more about how to enjoy those indulgences reasonably.  So, cycle two off of a re-set; part of our individual learning experience towards Food Freedom.

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This was the activity that was planned for the special weekend away!

Turning 55 a week from now, and this was the gift to myself that I chose.

My girlfriend of 50+ years (since Kindergarten) and her husband met us there from their home (4.5 hr trip for them, 2.5 hr trip for us), and ziplined with me.

This is a good time in our lives to get back to experiencing great adventures.



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I need a phrase for the daily diet that is not a Whole30, and not quite a Re-set either because there are days with events that prevent putting more than a few in a row together, but simply days where we eat mostly healthy but for an occasional indulgence.

I hear others describing their journey from the other side, calling the days with indulgences "cheat days".  That thinking doesn't do anyone any good.  Holding on to feelings of good and bad food and behaviors, calling non-compliance a "cheat".  Nope.  That doesn't work for me.  That's a title that begs a person to just completely let go and revert back to old habits. 

I think I'll call it "Mindful Eating".  Being mindful of what's in each of the three meals, aiming for satiation and satisfaction in nutritional choices.  Ask myself why I'm considering a snack and evaluate for real hunger vs a craving, then determine whether I am not eating enough at meals if it turns out to be hunger.   Pay attention to the cravings as they show up, and be ready to do a re-set when they show up too often.  Be mindful of making the choice to eat or drink something "special" or "worth it".  Make note of when I don't feel good or quite right after an enjoyed treat.

"Mindful Eating" sounds right.

This title will serve to remind myself, as it's easy to do when in the middle of a plan for eating defined as a Whole30 or a multiple-day Re-set, that I'm eating with intention.  Intention to gain and maintain better health and energy levels, achieve and maintain a healthy weight, intention to change my eating habits and have Food Freedom for Life.

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I'm at a similar stage of wakefulness on my journey. I find the W30 reset easy, but find re intro of anything hard without going completely berzerk. I came to the conclusion on about day 5 of my second W30 that I didn't need to do the 30 days to gain insight and get back on track.  However I started it with my daughter so am going to finish it. Last night I bough Food Freedom Forever and it pretty much confirms what I've concluded.

Life is never static, learning is a process that will continue for quite sometime. Each time I think I need it I will reset, and learn and try to practice.  It is an outward spiral of awareness. The words Mindful Eating are helpful.

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I had a wonderful meal out with my husband and friends tonight.  Japanese hibachi eating, an entertaining chef, very tasty food, and a lot of it available.  Rice and noodles too, yummy.  But I didn't feel out of control, and stopped at the first signal that I was full.  We're eating mostly compliant, what I'm calling "Mindful Eating", and now have left-overs that I WILL use tomorrow, and we'll enjoy again, but mixed in with LOTS of vegetables to keep us full.  (I noticed that I missed the pile of vegetables that I'm used to seeing on my plate.) I topped off the indulgence with some bites of chocolate, and found that I was ready to stop long before I expected to be, especially since it's been so long since I've had that treat.

This is ok - I can see myself doing things this way.  I don't feel like tomorrow is "back on the diet".  I feel it's more like back to normal smart eating and fueling my body properly.  The left-overs will keep the day from being fully compliant, and then Saturday and next Tuesday I'm back out to eat again for a meal each day.  I plan to eat mindfully at those meals, and  compliant around them.  After that, it will be a couple weeks before there are disruptions in our new normal  again, as we travel to be with relatives for Thanksgiving.

This month should prove to be a great testing ground for my plan to continually practice  mindful eating.

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Today, I was hungry.  That has happened so seldom since starting our first Whole30, that it was surprising.  I used up the left-overs of rice and noodles from my meal last night in both our breakfasts and lunches and tried to keep a balance by selecting proteins of chicken breast and then fish.  I snacked on nuts, and, I had a small amount of chocolate again after 9pm.

My legs are twitchy too.

I was too keyed up last night for emotional family reasons to get to sleep at a reasonable time, and was up early as normal.  It was a short night.

So, is this all because I've allowed alcohol, pasta/rice, soy and sugar into my diet on and off over the last seven days?  Or is it lack of sleep that made me more vulnerable to fall into something that resembles an old pattern of snacking?  Was I hungry because the full plates didn't consistently hold the same ratio of healthy protein, fat, vegetable and fruit in order to make room for the left-over pasta & rice for those meals?  Is it all of the above?

I'm writing this down, so I can review it later.  I expect this month to be a strange one for keeping a balance.  It'll be a good one for learning where I am in the process of achieving Food Freedom for Life, and working with resets, even short ones between non-compliant meals.  There are so many days where I'm not in control of at least one meal of the day.  I will continue to be practice mindful eating, and journaling here.

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Well now, I've continued to indulge.  A meal out yesterday and I had a nice toasted scallop roll.  I was happy with that.  While in Boston, we made a visit to a really terrific bakery, where I bought cake.  I brought it home to share, and we did well enough in eating some yesterday and some today.

My birthday is coming, this next Tuesday.  For the occasion, I've had the friend give me that tin of homebaked cookies (a favorite that my mother, and then my sister used to make for me), and a young man, a sort of adopted son who lived with us as an exchange student, gave me a small box of one of my favorite chocolates yesterday.  Apparently, even to those who know what I'm trying to do with my eating habits, food IS love.

Tonight I ate a snack - nuts again.  Then, not even one bit hungry, but just because I wanted them... I wolfed the chocolates.  I'd put them in the freezer with the intent of bringing them out next month when friends are here for dinner, but took them out and ate-them-all.  I should have tossed them in the trash and not ever brought them into the house, but I would have felt ungrateful doing that.

It's definitely emotional eating.  I'm feeling blue.  I really feel the loss of my family around this time of year, from my birthday in early Nov. through the holidays.  And I'm dealing with some disappointments also that are worrying me as I try to figure things out.

Could it be possible that some of the sadness is actually the result of all these foods back in my diet?

The sweets are gone.  On my birthday I was thinking I'd really like a pecan tart or slice of pie.  At this moment with a stomach too full of chocolate, I'm not feeling like I'll be wanting it now, but rather, do the day feeling good about my choices.  I know from experience that Tuesday will come and I'll be feeling very differently then from this moment.  

Whatever I decide to do, after that, I think I'll do a re-set for the ten days before we travel for Thanksgiving.  I also need to plan for controlling some of the meals during that holiday traveling & visiting time too.....

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  • 2 weeks later...

For the purpose of keeping a journal of this journey, I'll write this post to get caught up to today, Nov. 15th.

I was pleased with celebrating my 55th Birthday on the 8th of the month, and had that piece of pecan pie.  I also indulged at the bakery where I purchased that one slice, and had two pecan shortbread cookies with a coffee.  Meals were compliant.

However, I'm backsliding.  Not every day, mind you, but enough to see an old pattern showing itself.

I remain sad.  I'm out of sorts.  I've snacked, all the while knowing I'm not hungry, and not making good choices for those snacks.  I know it's emotional eating.

I've realized today that it is the 30th anniversary of my mother's death.  She died a week after I turned 25, and I turned 55 last week.  I'm also missing my Dad, who died about 19 years after her.  And my sister, who died about 6 years ago.

This, plus some disappointments over high hopes for my business which look like they will never come to fruition, and after so much hard work, have me very sad - and a bit lost.  I've had some great successes with it, but it has never reached the point where I'd call the business itself successful.

I have a wonderful husband, but he was never fully supportive of my business or understanding of the passion I felt for it, and the idea of sharing my fears with him is not comforting, for I feel that I've let him down too.

I keep thinking that all of this is just a part of life.  All of it can be overcome, or worked through.  But I'm in the working-through stage, and it's very big right now.

I AM pleased, however, that ahead of all this floodgate of emotion, I had started to get my eating and my weight under control. So I can look at that with pride and satisfaction... there's that wonderful thing going for me during a time where what would have been a feeling of additional failure, and would have been very heavy.

I will get past this.  Of course.  Writing it down is helpful, and facing the truth of what's behind my eating decisions is healthy too.

The holidays are coming.  This first one, Thanksgiving, will be spent with members of the family from other states, and I'll be away from home to be with them, so am planning meals to work around the indulgences I know will be available.  The good news is, I won't be around the foods that I've been reaching for during my moments where I've been looking for food comfort.

Hmmm, that last line has made me think it's time I throw away those temptations that remain in my house.  I was not bothered by them through all of August, Sept. and Oct., but have turned to them this Nov.  I guess it might be time for them to go.  Here's an idea.  Maybe I'll bring them and distribute them to other family members who can enjoy them without over-indulging, as I do.  Or, maybe I'll just dump them in the trash, and off to the landfill, on our way out.

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I have done it - I have thrown away the sweets that have been pulling me backwards these many recent days past.

My food freedom includes getting rid of foods that held me hostage.

I will, every once in a while, purchase a reasonable amount of a favorite treat, to eat, enjoy, and be done.  No stockpiling, no inventory.

A step towards ultimate, lasting freedom.

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It is the first morning following our Thanksgiving trip and holiday with family down south.

I am so pleased that we easily found balance in our eating healthy, and the over-eating that this holiday in particular inspires.

I may have had one too many pieces of pie (wink, wink... is there any such thing??!!?), but I spaced them out, and did it with complete enjoyment and no guilt once I'd made a choice to get another.

For the first time EVER, I left LOTS of pie on the table, even knowing that my favorite was likely to end up in the trash after my departure because it wasn't a big favorite for anyone else.

The rest of my plate on Thanksgiving was protein and vegetable, plus some cranberry sauce, and a little bit of pasta.

There were only two occasions where we indulged in snacks, and even then, didn't overdo.

All of our meals that we were partially in control of followed the Whole30 concept, with a little bit of non-compliant ingredients added in.  At restaurants, I noticed we both stopped when full, and neither of us were out of control.  We did enjoy foods that we don't count as part of our normal diet anymore, but had some, and was done.  And we traveled to and from our South Carolina destination with a smart plan for more compliant meals each day.  I'm pleased.

Interestingly, we both realized how our hunger, cravings and old habits started to slide back in on the days where we didn't get that balance of protein, vegetable, healthy fat and fruit on our plates for three meals.  I think that is a GREAT lesson to take away from this holiday, and eight days vacation time.

I want to write down how I FELT... As I saw family that I hadn't seen for 3-5 years and stepped into their hugs.  As I was photographed in all kinds of spontaneous moments.  As I woke, slipped on clothes for the day, and enjoyed hours and hours of social interaction before hitting the bed for a good night's sleep.  

I felt GREAT!  I felt like myself, the real me of ten years ago, not the weighted down me with excess spilling out over my waistband or around my undergarments, slower moving and needing a nap.  I was comfortable in my clothes and in my skin.  My energy level was high, my spirits were good, my mind felt sharp.

This is what I want for the rest of my life.  I am so grateful for having found a healthy way to eat forever, that will provide this.

I'm thankful for many things this November, and this is one of them.

Now, armed with this success and general feeling of well-being, on to tackle the issues in my Nov. 15th entry that were clouding my mind and motivation.

: - )

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2017 - wow.

The holidays are over for another year.  I continue to bounce between compliant eating and old habits of snacking and less than nutritional choices.  A Yankee Swap resulted in my bringing home a HUGE 5 pound chocolate bar, which I promptly chopped up and froze in portions.  I thought I could handle that, and eat it slowly.  I couldn't.  It's already gone.  I shared it - I didn't eat it all by myself, though the lion's share was mine.  I'm not proud, but I do admit, I enjoyed it.  Even when I was eating that creamy goodness to the point of not feeling well.  Very telling.  I still have much work to do when it comes to retraining my brain to a way of healthy eating for life.

But ok, what's done is done.  Face it, recognize it for what it is, and learn from it.  

More important than my chocolate weakness is this; I spent December moving towards the change needed to address the underlying issues driving my admitted emotional eating response.  I interviewed, trained for and accepted a position that will bring in a predictable, reliable income.  I now have a part time job, 12hr shifts 3 consecutive nights, 8p-8a.  This schedule allows for a fair amount of available hours to continue to work on my business as well, and that makes me happy.

Overnight shifts, however, bring on a new set of challenges.  Emotionally, I feel good about the change that I've brought about.   I'm hopeful that the money coming in can take some of the pressure off and let me be more focused on finding the clients that fit the value I have to offer, rather than struggling to bring in volumes of clients that are not even a good fit for where I want to be.  But physically, there is a big adjustment - of sleeping and eating needs.

I am learning how to plan for meals in an upside down eating schedule, and dealing with hunger in between because of the different configuration of awake hours. Hunger is my enemy, for I find myself snacking, and craving.  Craving!  After all this time, I'm back to big time cravings, and, giving in to them.

No matter how I space them, I end up with 6 or more awake hours between meals.  That's too many.  Should I add a fourth meal, and if I do, how do I adjust portions so that calorie consumption is appropriate to daily activity?  This is what I'm working on now.  I've continued to eat to satisfaction at each of the three meals, but they fall short on lasting satiation.

I'm also working hard to create a set sleeping schedule, in order to get enough beneficial rest, and not affect my health.  I value the fact that I typically sleep soundly and well, and know how important that is to health (and good eating choices!) too.  I don't want to jeopardize that because I now have two days that are sleeping days, two others where naps are in order, and four nights of normal sleep hours.

It's an adjustment, and I've been researching what others do, looking forward to discovering  what will be the best course of action for me long term.  I hope to find a way to maintain this schedule for a couple/few years.  For now, I look ahead only week by week, as I work it through and evaluate the results of the choices I make.

Here's to 2017 being a great year!

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It's early February now, and I've been working the 8p - 8a shift now for a little over a month.  I vary between 3-4 shifts per week, 12 hours each.

I'm happy to say that I seem to be adjusting to the day sleeping, and transitioning back to night sleeping later in the week, just fine.  That was a worry, and so far, so good!

The eating schedule and snacking with the 12 hour awake overnight shifts was a problem, but now we are on Day 3 of a Whole30, so I expect to get a hold on that.  A Whole30 gives me the structure that leaves me no response option but "no" to snacking or non-compliant foods.  No rationalizing or justifying an exception, so hopefully in another 27 days, I'll be better equipped to deal with the urges when not doing a Whole30.

I'm utilizing RealPlans online meal planner with more efficiency.  Their recent addition of advanced filters made a HUGE difference in the time it takes to put a weekly plan together, or alter a few minor entries.  My husband takes care of preparing our meal #1 on 3-4 mornings now, eating his and leaving my half for when I get in after working.  That is SUCH a help.  My making a mixed greens salad before the first night of the 3-4 days stretch of work leaves him a base for adding his protein and fruit on his own for his meal #2, and that's a relief to my schedule too.  Batch cooking on Friday or Saturday/Sunday, depending on the week, keeps our freezer stocked with quick-cook/re-heat ingredients, and sauces, spice mixes and dressings.  Crockpots & pressure cooked meals each week, shredding and parceling the meat (pork and chicken typically) allows me to provide satisfying and flavorful meal #3's, as well as those proteins to throw in the other meals throughout the week.  Adding 3-6 varying recipes through the meal plan program to this provides a solution to food boredom, and sometimes leaves us with left-overs from there too.

I feel good - I think we are doing good things that can be sustained long term, while creating the foundation for a physically and emotionally healthy future.

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Day 8 of our current Whole30 - batch cooked/prepped this morning, using RealPlans to make it easier to be ready and get much accomplished!

Bacon was cooked for breakfast plus 3 other meals for this week, have Thursday's breakfast meatballs done and cooling, the pressure cooker chicken (for shredding) is cooking, tonight's beef stew is in the crockpot, and taco burgers are in the freezer.


Being this prepared makes the week a breeze.  Those moments where a craving pops up, or I am tired and don't feel like cooking... anticipated and I'm ready for them!

Here's what my foodplan for the week looks like.  So much is already to just throw together now on the designated day.

:) :D  :rolleyes:

Weekly Meal Plan.jpg

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  • 11 months later...

It is another year, 2018!  

I am one among many that started this year with a Whole30.  This is my fourth, as I continue on my journey to Food Freedom!

Today is Day 15, and this hasn't been hard at all.  I did experience in both my 3rd Whole30 and this one, a 2-3 consecutive day physical reaction (headache/flu like) within the first seven days, but once past that, no problem.  Very little cravings or even any angst about the food/beverage limitations at all.  It's worth it.  I am motivated for this year to be the one where I finally reach my lifelong goal of eating well constantly, with occasional treats... what I always thought would be the definition of moderation, but was beyond my grasp.  I don't think it's impossible for me, as I used to believe.  The Whole30 is teaching me very good things.

Part of what I've learned is that resets need to happen sooner rather than later.  By the end of 2017, I'd undone (in weight) all that I'd achieved from my first & 2nd Whole30, and even the 3rd successful one wasn't enough to bring me back.  I believe this might be because I have not yet done the 10 day reintroduction that should follow those 30 days.  This time, it's my intent to do so.  I do SO well during a Whole30, but when I don't have those rules to follow and try to make my own, I constantly ignore my own well intentions.  There's a psychological element here that I have to work on.

Overall, we ate wonderful foods all through 2017, no processed portions of meals.  However, come the holidays, snacks and sweets were back in raging full force!  When adding those empty calories to the very full and satisfying meals, we packed weight back on.

Another factor that I think will be very helpful this time, is that I've figured out my 12 hour overnight awake work shift eating schedule!!  I now eat a dinner time meal at home at about 5:30p, another meal at 11p/12a, then the third meal at 5/6a.  If I find that I'm hungry in the hours between the time that I awaken after day sleeping and dinner time, I will eat a boiled egg, or a Chomps meat stick or a small handful of nuts.  Period.  This really doesn't happen very often, so I think I'm doing well with this eating plan.

I've been out to two breakfast meetings and tomorrow night, we'll be out to dinner with friends.  No sweat.  I researched the locations ahead, checked out the potential compliant foods, and made a note of them.  Going in with a plan keeps me from having to look at that whole menu while I'm hungry and them be tempted by foods that just sound so good at the moment.  I've got this!!

I've been enjoying helping others to keep their motivation up, on a facebook page for my meal planner app, Real Plans.  All of us checking with each other every day has been a fun part of this challenge.

Wishing all here success towards their Food Freedom too!


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Oh my gosh - I've realized this is actually my FIFTH Whole30!  Aug 2016, Oct. 2016, Feb. 2017, Oct. 2017, and now, beginning January 1, 2018.  I'd lost track!!  Well, I'm even more impressed for us, and now understand why we are not finding it so difficult.  This time though, the 10 Day Re-Introduction will play into it for the first time, and maybe make a difference in creating lasting habits, and less back-sliding between this and future re-sets.

: - )

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It's now Day 21 of this 5th Whole30!  Dan and I are doing really well.  We don't even really talk about it much... we're just doing it. 

I'm pretty proud of the fact that I've just finished 3 consecutive 60 hour overnight shift weeks, have socialized with friends, the house is cleaned and all is going smoothly.   I attribute that to the fact that this is not our first, or even second Whole30, so we pretty much know what to do and what we like and how to add in new things here and there so that we don't get in a rut, and also that the end of last year, I started writing in a book bound planner.

The planner, along with my subscription to Real Plans for planning my weekly meals and assembling my shopping list, keeps my life and our meals under control.  My personal and business goals are in there, as is a daily checklist for my Whole30 journey... each day checking off "I did it!" (VERY important!!), plus rating the NSV's (non-scale victories - Energy, Sleep, Cravings, Reflections).  This is good for today's motivation, and for the future, to look back on and know what was happening on a day when, for instance, I had a massive headache for two days, or the cravings level was high.  You think you'll never forget when you're in the middle of it, but it's amazing how time dulls the memory.

With a schedule like mine, though I know I need to pick up my activity, I've found it difficult to do so.  I'm hoping that will change with the arrival of a recent purchase; a stationery bike with a laptop stand!!!  Now, for instance when I'm writing here, I can be pedaling!  I'll admit I've never liked stationery bikes before, but I think (really hope!!!!) that keeping my brain occupied will prevent the boredom and clock watching of previous experiences.  I'm looking forward to its arrival!!!!  I need to get up off the couch for some portion of those couple/few hours I have between work, sleep and household tasks.

It's all good.  Good things are happening.  

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Day 26th of what I'd realized when coming back to my journal here is my 5th Whole30! 

You would think you'd never lose track of how many you've done, but I guess because I was trying to eat mostly compliant since my first Whole30 (but for my sweets habit that kept rearing up and has prevented me from reaching my Food Freedom goal), it is possible to forget how many of those days went the full 30. 

So anyway, we are on the 5-4-3-2-1 countdown!  This time though, I've scheduled in my 10 day re-introduction.  For the first time, on my FIFTH Whole30, I am going to follow the guideline for the re-introduction.  My thought process here is that ENDING on Day 30 and having the next day feel like I'm "FREE" sends the wrong message to my brain.  This time, it's not a "this has ended" celebration, but more a "now this begins" feeling.... a beginning on continuing to eat mindfully.  I can write about it all I want, but if I don't send the right signal to my brain, all the pretty words about continuing to eat mindfully don't mean a thing.

And...... really excited..... my stationary bike/laptop stand arrived this week!

This means, another healthy change.  At Day 23, this apparatus, that allows me to use my laptop (fb/emails) time WHILE PEDALING, took its place in my home.  Of course, it's a "new toy", so I've been on it A LOT!  I know myself though, so this morning, I began a new habit.

I got out of bed, had a full glass of water, poured my coffee, grabbed my laptop.... and got on the bike for 20 minutes.  Done.

Now I know I'll be back on that bike later today, maybe 2-3 times (!), because it's NEW, but over time, the MORNING habit is the one that will remain, right??!?!?  My plan is to jump on the bike within minutes of waking every day that we are home.

If anyone is following this post and wants to know what bike I'm talking about, here's the link through Groupon.  It's REALLY nicely priced, in fact, today it is $10 less than even I paid.  If you have a chance to put in a referral code, you could put in mine and I'd appreciate it, for it would go towards future non-food rewards I'll be buying for myself through their services.  Of course, there's no obligation for you to do so.  I'm happy to share this info whether you do or not.  Referral Link:  https://www.groupon.com/visitor_referral/h/fc45a184-7c97-4ff5-af4b-45c090699ae1

The bike is from WIRK.  It's called the WIRK Ride Workstation.  In case you miss the Groupon deal, and want to find it at a later date.


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Day 27!  Woohoo! 

I have scheduled my Reintroduction meals, looking forward to beans in my chili, a roll for my hamburger, a little bowl of ice cream, and a margarita!  Not all at the same time, hahahaha.

I'm hoping that doing the reintroduction will help me to not slide backwards into old habits.  I don't mind looking forward to a 6th, 7th, 8th.... etc. Whole30, but I need to learn a little something each time towards my Food Freedom!

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Day 29 begins....

The excitement is building!  Another successful Whole30!

I keep having to remind myself that there's another 10 days of Reintroduction.  I also plan to journal each day following that, when I eat mindfully, or when I begin to slip backwards.    I think I'm going to keep a running tally of the number of mindful eating days in a row.  My reasoning is that having to account for my food choices at the end of every day might have the same effect as counting to the end of a Whole30.  My brain might respond well to the challenge to see how many days in a row I can eat mindfully, which means no grazing, snacking or over-indulging, and only going for occasional sweets or indulgent foods that are special or meaningful.  I would be able to continue to count a day where I indulge for one of those two reasons, followed by an immediate return to healthy meals, no dessert or snacking the next day.  I'm not really clear on this yet, but I'm re-reading Food Freedom, and want to do things differently this time from what I did following previous Whole30's.

I do want to lose more weight too, so March will be a Whole30 reset again.

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I'm almost GIDDY!  It's nearly 3:00 in the afternoon on Day 29.  No sweat.  I got this!! 


For the first time in 29 days, a chocolate bar commercial on tv made me want one.  

Ah, but THIS, this is my problem area (plus bakery products), so it is NOT first on my Reintroduction.  Nope.  I'm not giving that food the importance it is screaming for.  I think I'll use these 10 more days as a way to slow down that "I've done it, now to the candy aisle!" reflex.

Plus, I have started another good habit.  I am on my stationary bike with great music blasting within 10 minutes after waking up, just after drinking a very tall glass of water, and with my first cup of coffee.  Psychologically, this helps me to remain focused on healthy eating.

A lot of good things going on!

My NSV's include feeling SO MUCH more comfortable in my clothes again, no soreness AT ALL from the tendonitis I experience in both knees, no need for an afternoon nap, a feeling that all is right in my world... allowing me to tackle long overdue household projects that have been weighing me down, one bite at a time, hahahaha!!

After tomorrow, for the 10 day Reintroduction period, I will be posting here, and welcome anyone who want to join that conversation:  

I will return to this journal thread, for I know my Food Freedom journey continues past those ten days.

Cheers to all of you at each stage of YOUR journey.  For me, tomorrow is Day 30!

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My Day 30 Portrait!  

I'm looking forward to legumes tomorrow, and to the whole re-introduction process, then continuing to eat mindfully until my next Whole30, scheduled for March!

See you here on this thread after Day 10 of the Re-Introduction!  (I'll be at 'Day 30 tomorrow doesn't mean "Done"!' topic until then)



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