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I am on day day 25. I started out at 246 pounds and in the first 2 weeks, [moderator edit to remove scale discussion]. I've noticed I am starting to get constipated. I eat eggs, chicken, beef, avocados, mayo, tuna, broccoli, green beans, carrots, potatoes, celery, squash... there is more, but those are my staples. I also drink plenty of water and one cup of black coffee a day.

Any suggestions? I feel bloated and a bit uncomfortable. 


Positives, at this time - I've lost weight, completely off my heartburn medication and I haven't taken tums. Big deal for me!

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Hi @almostforty - please have a read through the rules linked below. You'll notice that weighing is as much against the rules as eating ice cream or brownies. I've removed your specific weight discussion so as not to encourage others to follow suit.  You may also want to google "Whole30 no scale" and read the articles that come up about how and why to rid yourself of the scale for good. The report you had made above is exactly why this would be valuable. Scale weight information is generally not useful.

What does "plenty of water" amount to for you? The recommendation is half an ounce per pound of body weight. For you that would be around 110 ounces. You could consider adding a magnesium supplement like the unflavoured Natural Calm. This assists in regulating bowel movements because it draws water into the digestive tract. And most (all?) of western society is deficient due to current farming practices/depleted soil.

Congrats on your non-scale victories, too. That's excellent!

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Magnesium supplementation is a great idea. The soil in most of the world is over-farmed and nutrient depleted so we are all, almost 100% of us, magnesium deficient. Magnesium works by drawing water into the bowel which eases constipation. Start slow and work up if you are using a powder like Natural Calm (unsweet). Your personal dose is at the point when your poops are comfortable.

And as a side benefit, magnesium can help with sleep! :) 

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