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Challenge Beginning April 9th


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How cool is it that this forum opened on Day 1 of my Whole30 Challenge?!

After being way off wagon on my eating for almost a year - I am non-celiac gluten intolerant with allergies / senstitivies also to corn, soy and casein (dairy protein), I finally am recommitting to ridding my body of the junk I let slip back into my diet after I let the naysayers get into my head. I am tired of being sick.

After hearing about Whole30 on the Paleo Summit, I decided that I needed to do the challenge - Figured this was the best way to kick start me getting back inline, and would keep me "honest" by not having "safe junk food" - although I do love me some Paleo Pizza ^_^

Here's what my day's been like so far...

B: Chorizo Quiche

Morning Grazing: Purple Grapes (they were already in the frig and I couldn't throw them out)

L: Ginger and Sesame Salmon Salad (couldn't finish it all in one sitting)

Afternoon Snack: Ginger and Sesame Salmon Salad with an Izze Sparkling Clementine Drink

** had to have something carbonated. Oddly, that's been my only craving today

Dinner: I'm making Veggie Spaghetti

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I also started today. I thought it would be good to start on the day after Easter, since it's Spring and renewal/change is in the air.

Of course I did not factor in the massive amounts of sweets people would be bringing into the office, left over from yesterday :wacko: So far I've managed to avoid giving into the temptation of all the chocolate, but did have to run out to the store at lunch and grab a pint of blueberries

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