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I had a very successful first Whole30 this summer with tons of NSVs, lost 3 pounds and a couple of inches, but gained so many positives.  I've tried starting another Whole30 twice now and have been totally derailed.  I've been depressed about a hip injury and the possibility of facing surgery and unable to do the physical activities I enjoy.  I believe I've just allowed myself to go off the rails because of this.  I try to eat mostly compliant but there is a lot of bad stuff in there and I think coffee is a big bad part of my problem.  I'm currently feeling and looking my heaviest ever and back to where I was before my Whole30 but feel mentally worse because now I know I just have to suck it up and do it.  I just read the article about not doing a Whole30 over the holidays.  I'm going to clean up my act for the most part but not do a strict one until January then shoot for a Whole90--I think I need to commit to a longer time frame to make it stick.  Ideas for motivation, success, stick-to-it-ness is appreciated.  I'm so depressed. 

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Try not to beat yourself up about this. Most of us don't get life post-Whole30 right the first time through. Some of us take a long time to figure it out -- I'm still working on it, some days go well, some days not so much. It's okay.

Oddly enough, a second (or third, or whatever) Whole30 can actually be harder than the first one, even for people not stressed about injuries/possible surgeries. Here's an article about that. Don't worry about the times you didn't finish a W30, just keep trying to string together as many healthy days as you can. Sometimes, when I've really gone off the rails, I can't even think in terms of days, I just have to think about each meal, telling myself something like, "This meal, right now, will be healthy -- if the next one isn't, that's okay, but this one, right now, that I can currently make a choice about, will be healthy."

For the physical activity, is there anything you can do? Swimming or stretching or something? I know if you're used to being very active it's not going to be the same as what you're used to, but doing what you can may help you feel less depressed. Maybe even something as simple as getting out into the sunshine at some point during the day to do whatever you can do -- walk or stretch or even just stand in the sunshine.


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