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I finished my whole30!


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I finished my whole30!! I'm making it a whole45 to give my mind a chance to catch up with my body.

My observations (kind of long!):

Whole30 intrigued me mainly because I want to get rid of my sugar monster. I noticed that my cravings were spiraling out of my control, my emotional eating was picking back up in intensity, I felt blah all of the time, had stomachaches, and was having a really hard time losing the last five to seven pounds. I figured I could do anything for 30 days!

I have further developed my love and enjoyment in cooking. I bought Well Fed and had a ton of fun making the recipes and learning about new spices. I don't think my spice cabinet has ever been this full. I have also really started to enjoy all the squashes out there…yum!

My yoga practice, which is very important to me, has gone from ho-hum to feeling really strong. I feel more centered and can hold poses for longer. I just finished a weekend workshop with Tias Little and felt physically fantastic and capable through the whole thing.

My sugar monster is pretty much starved! I still feel him scratching from the grave every once in awhile which is why I want to do a couple of more weeks. I now have enough distance from my cravings that I can clearly think how eating junk food would make me feel physically.

I feel less emotional. My PMS lasted only one day instead of three.

I'm sleeping really well and waking up most of the time without an alarm.

I'm listening and trusting my body's hunger signals for the first time. I'm normally an eat whatever you put in front of me person. I actually put food away now if I'm full because I just don't want anymore. I eat a few slices of apple instead of the whole thing. I don't crave a sweet taste after meals. I find myself chewing my food thoroughly and being more mindful of what I'm tasting. I rarely get hungry in-between meals. If I do get hungry, it's not a shaky have to eat right now feeling. It's more okay, I'm hungry and I will be eating soon. I realized I spend a lot of time going back/forth in my head about food/exercise…am I doing enough, eating too much, this conversation is still there but less intense.

I purposely scaled back on my exercise intensity and focused more on yoga. I wanted to give myself a break from the scale and constantly feeling like I have to exercise super hard all of the time. This worked well for me. I do the intense stuff two to three times a week instead of four to five times a week. This seems light to me (and I still struggle with feeling like I'm not doing enough) but I feel so much better. I'm going to roll with it for awhile because it feels much more healthy. I don't feel like I'm punishing myself anymore with exercise.

I didn't start feeling the magic until day 25 (another reason I want to continue with a whole45). I was getting really frustrated with my workouts. My runs sucked and I felt easily fatigued. The day before I had felt like giving up. I woke up on day 25 and it was like a light switch had been flipped. I felt great! My runs and workouts have been excellent since then. My energy is much, much better.

I weighed myself this morning and I've lost 5 pounds. I've also taken an inch off my thighs and waist. My clothes all fit different in a good way.

What am I taking with me? A cleaner way of eating that supports my mind and body in a healthy way. I'm going to try really hard to end my relationship with the scale. I so enjoyed not weighing myself this month and not counting every calorie I ingested. It was wonderful to be told not to do that…how liberating! I feel like I became a better version of myself over this past 30 days. I am so proud of myself for doing this!

Thank you for reading!

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