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Day 30!! :) Suggestions!


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Today is day 30th for me! I am really happy to have done this.

I didn't really have a hard time, especially because I really was worried about my health, I also didn't mess up at all. Chicken was my best friend throughout this journey.

Before I started I was at 235lbs, and that was after dropping about 28-29 pounds 2 months before(263). I stepped on that scale today and I am down to 218, which is almost where I wanna be(205). My chest and abdominal pains have decreased by probably 65% and I feel and look better than I have been for years. 

The best part of this is that it's become a lifestyle more than a diet, I do still crave a lot of things I can't have, but I no longer get upset about it, and I get excited for the food I can have.

I want to continue until December 23rd and then give it up. Is that allowed in this program? I will start my second Whole 30 on January 1st.

Any amazing meals you guys recommend for the rest of the days I want to do? 

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Why give it up? You've had such amazing success-- congratulations! Have you Considered doing a formal reintroduction? It may give you some insight into what types of foods you have sensitivities to or that disagree with you. As far as doing another one in January, sounds great. 

You can do whatever you want since you're an adult making your own choices, but it might benefit you to do a regular introduction, even the fast-roll type, and then try to eat whole 30-ish rather than just giving it up and going to town on every type of food and drink set in front of you, only to start again in a week.

But whatever you decide know that you did great this last month!

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