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Dextrose but no sugar on nutrition facts?


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We are fairly clean eaters but wanted to do the Whole30 after doing some research.  We are on day 2 and doing good so far.

We bought some chicken breakfast sausage from Trader Joe's with zero sugar but it lists dextrose as an ingredient which I know is on the list of "banned substances".  So what gives?  Yes or no, and if no, what is the science behind it?


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No. The rules state, no added sugar or sweetener. If there's dextrose in the ingredients, they've added it, so even if they've managed to keep the amount to a small enough fraction of a gram per serving that they can legally say it's 0 grams, there is sugar in there.

For whole30 purposes, the ingredients list is the part to pay attention to, not the breakdown of nutrition information. 

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