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I just finished my first Whole42 (day 12 I learned that my smoked salmon had brown sugar in it so I tacked on an additional 12 days). I ate quite cleanly to begin with and emptied my cupboards & started fresh so it has been easy to stay 100% compliant.

For ~3 weeks (since week 3 of my Whole30) I have had an upset stomach, bloating & loose BMs, and my face & neck are covered with whiteheads/big bumps under the skin. The digestive enzymes didn't help.

My facialist thinks eating coconut oil is too much for my skin.

Last week I remembered doing allergy testing in 1988 so I dug up my notes. I'm not sure what the numbers mean but it seems everything I've been eating I was allergic to in 1988 - cauliflower 3/5, cabbage 3/4 = broccoli, brussels sprouts, bok choy, arugula, kale, collards, turnips, wasabi, horseradish, mustard - what's left?! and coconut 2/3 (I've been eating oil, milk, water, enzymes, vinegar, flakes you name it). The highest was baker's yeast 5/9, but that's easy to avoid, chocolate 3/3 & soy 2/2. Could this be making my stomach & face such an uncomfortable mess for so long? I don't know if these #s are RAST ratings or something else. The notes say Percutaneous Tests, AH and PE Intermed. I did eat a lot of these things before but with more grains & beans (& no upset stomach).

So since day 42 I've been aiming for none of the above and still want to reintroduce to test a few things before I go back to "Mary's seriously limited Whole30, Phase II."

The first thing I tried was Chicken 65 at my favorite Indian restaurant. Not sure what's on it but I think maybe a little wheat, spices, random oil (& bad animal farming karma). It went fine. I passed on testing the lassie because if I'm going to reintroduce dairy I want to start with sheep & goat to see if they cause problems before I try organic cow's dairy which will. I skipped the naan because I like the way the muffin top slid off my middle so quickly - I may forego the wheat & gluten reintro for a long time. Yesterday I made a vinaigrette with honey for my favorite green bean salad - I don't usually crave sugar so I felt ok having some. No headaches or fatigue so far.

It looks like reintroducing is one day trial eating of one thing, then 3 days back on Whole30, then reintroduce something else. Just wish my stomach was happier and my face would clear up. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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Mare Bear, I'm guessing that you finished up your Whole30 awhile ago but wanted to chime in. I have been logging all my food and think that I am close to pinpointing a coconut sensitivity. I notice that I will have a loose bm about an hour and a half after eating a meal cooked with coconut oil or with coconut milk. A couple more days and I should know for sure.

Hope you figured out your allergy issues and test results!

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